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Old 01-23-2021, 05:53 AM   #1
drownsoda drownsoda is offline
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Default Sony BDP-S3700 region-free player not playing some Region B discs

Anyone know what could be causing this? I have two Arrow Blu-ray titles (Carrie and The Fury), both Region B discs—with The Fury, I get an error message saying that the disc is playable on Region B players, whereas with Carrie, I can't even get it to play. The player recognizes it as I can see the title pops up over the disc icon on the main menu, but when I attempt to press play, no dice. The screen goes black for a few moments and then goes straight back to the main menu.

It's odd because I have several other Region B discs (including Arrow titles, such as Kill, Baby, Kill! and Bay of Blood) that play with no issue. Any ideas what the hiccup is?

Edit: Okay, I think I figured it out (sort of). It seems that with the player, you have to toggle between regions using the color buttons on the remote (Region A is yellow, Region B is blue). The trick is that you have to select which region you're playing while the disc tray is open. Kill, Baby, Kill! plays even when I haven't toggled from Region A to Region B, but this is because the disc is actually unlocked for both regions apparently, despite the fact that Arrow lists it as a Region B-exclusive.

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Old 01-23-2021, 06:27 PM   #2
hariseldon hariseldon is offline
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Trusting retailers, disc or case labels is treacherous at best. Very few companies put much effort into listing their region status correctly (Arrow is maybe 50% correct of their website and not much better on the actual discs) and almost none of the actual retailers do anything except list the default Region.

The Bluray database (or the googledoc spreadsheet for Arrow discs that floats around) is far more reliable since the discs are supposed to be tested before reporting though that's not 100% either.

I'm not aware of any region free player that doesn't have to be manually switched from region to region to play actual locked discs though there are some that do have a memory function that allows the player to remember a Region B disc after the 1st play so that even if you switch to Region A later the B Disc will play if reinserted (Oppo's do this pretty well). My Sony 6700 doesn't appear to have such a memory function
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Thanks given by:
drownsoda (01-24-2021)
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