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Old 02-03-2019, 05:52 AM   #1
Vracer111 Vracer111 is offline
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Feb 2011
Default gen:LOCK discussion thread - there will be SPOILERS.

Before going any further you should have seen Episode 3, which is where this thread will be starting from. Spoilers will be below.

Episode 3 is what prompted me to make this thread... simply a beautiful episode that really changes the context of things so when you rewatch episode 2 you get a new take on Miranda's reaction to Chase being alive after 4 years. It works with all the indicators shown in Episode 2 that give you a different perspective of what she is actually dealing with. So great that it works one way before seeing episode 3 then a different way afterwards...and extremely well for both cases. Miranda had moved on with her life since chase 'died' and actually has a relationship with Jodie now. So yeah, when you go back through episode 2 you see both her and Jodie's reaction to Chase being back in a different light. Just WOW how good it works both ways... extremely well executed.

And we get the back and forth scenes between Doctor/Colonel and ESU Holon squad interactions that simply move everything forward very well... real good character time with 'real' charactersand a bit of plot, so very good. That Yasamin and Valentina interaction was just something could just feel the tenseness. That then leads into Cammie's sweet gen:LOCK sequence (Tron Legacy like soundtrack and just ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFULLY directed scene) and the introduction of all the team to their Holon's and first training... which starts off with Chase learning of Miranda's and Jodie's relationship accidentally - and unconsciously crushing a metal ball with his Holon's hand...oh boy. He keeps the relationship knowledge to himself and we get Cammie (being Cammie... boy does she have a mouth and attitude on her... LOL), Kazu, and Valentina going against the Strider squad of Leon, Jodie, and Miranda to get a 'pre-training' training. Of course when the pre-training was over, Chase lets out some frustation he had with Miranda's and Jodie's relationship on Jodie in the disguise of demonstrating to the new members what a Holon is capable of. Not sure if Miranda or Jodie realizes Chase knows about their relationship yet... but that flag pole might have been a hint! LOL

But throughout this episode some things were brought up that will definitely some have implications later on:

1 - there is a finite number of times/'sessions' set you can safely upload/sync with a Holon...
2 - there is a recommended limit for the uplink time you can be synced with a Holon in a 'session'...
3 - the Holon has full sensory feedback
4 - the person 'is' the Holon when gen:LOCK'd
5 - Holons can be cyber attacked

So you see where this is going... if a mission goes awry and a Holon gets stranded or can't be retrieved in a timely manner and not able to properly unsync from the Holon or gets forceably 'hard unsynced' from the Holon somehow... oh my. And basically a Holon being destroyed = death for the pilot... So yeah... Holon's have some things that can be exploited for plot needs... oh boy.

But one of my favorite bits was Chase going 'Ferris Bueller' with Kazu... that was LOL for me right away, instantly getting it: "Batter, batter, batter...swiing batter"... and then Kazu hiding the bat behind him after hitting the vehicle with the ball...LOL

But my favorite bit was the very end, where Dr. Weller kept his threat/promise to ABLE - LOL LOL LOL... Gilbert and Sullivan indeed... HAHAHAHA... I just about died laughing.

The comedy is absolutely on point in this series.

This show has been delivering so incredibly well...and episode 3 just knocked absolutely everything out of the park! I 100% LOVE IT! Only seen it 4 times so far on the day it was released... LOL

I do have some concerns about Dr. Weller though, stemming from episode 2... something is off about him and I can't quite figure it out. The conversation with Sinclair in the elevator is missing a section in the middle after that eyebrow raise where Sinclair goes from finger on the trigger to finger off the trigger... would really like to know what was said in that middle conversation we the audience are not privy to which made Sinclair comfortable enough to take his finger off the trigger. And boy does Dr. Weller have a malicious streak in him... you can see that with how he deals with, there is more to Dr. Weller than we have been presented at face value. What are you hiding Dr? And tying into the comedic bit at the end it shows the Dr. absolutely acts on his threats... was not just some idle warning he didn't follow through on, which says a lot about his personality.

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Old 02-04-2019, 01:05 AM   #2
PissedOffPeoN PissedOffPeoN is offline
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Nov 2013
O Fallon, Missouri

This show reminds me of avatar mixed with full metal panic and that's a good thing i like it so far..
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Old 06-05-2019, 01:50 PM   #3
Girls With Guns Girls With Guns is online now
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May 2014
Amish Farm Country, PA

Just found this thread, I need to go to the main anime forum pages more often to find new threads, and not just use my subscriptions page, lol...

So I watched the entire first Season of gen:LOCK, and pretty much every YouTube Reaction video for it. I really did like it even though it is a Mech series, but in typical Roosterteeth fashion they had to force-feed us the Valentina/Val character in Episode 4, and they dragged it out as exhibition for at least 30 seconds of screen time, so that almost did it in for me. for now I just skip past that part every time I watch it. I'm sure I won't last nearly as long as RWBY's 6th season before having to drop gen:LOCK, and I don't have much desire to pay for a First membership to a company like Roosterteeth to watch the second season if there is one. I certainly don't plan to buy any Blu-ray release of this series. We'll just have to see where this one goes and how far, but I'm not very hopeful.
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Old 06-05-2019, 03:17 PM   #4
Naiera Naiera is offline
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Jun 2012

There's absolutely no reason for this show to be discussed anywhere in the anime section.
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professorwho (06-05-2019)
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