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Imagine: Fashion Stylist (DS)
Avatar The Game (DS)
12 hrs ago
Imagine: Sweet 16 (DS)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed (DS)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All (DS)
Lovely Lisa And Friends (DS)
Meteos: Disney Magic (DS)
Nintendo DS Browser (DS)
Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue (DS)
Mega Bloks Diego's Build and Rescue (DS)
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 - 7 (DS)
Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure (DS)
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Exclamation Gaming Forum's Rules & Guidelines v2.0 Please Read, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

It's been a long time since we had an update to the Gaming forums Rules and Guidelines. Maximus created the original set of rules and guidelines way back in 2010 and the gaming world has progressed a lot since then. So an update to the Posting Rules and Guidelines has been created.

We can't be in all places at once so if you feel any post is in breach of the rules please feel free to use the report button

Without further ado here are the updated posting rules & guidelines for the gaming forum.
  1. No System Wars Posts
    This includes any derogatory posts relating to one console being superior to another, both hardware and software wise. This includes PC elitist Master Race posts. We don't need to be reminded how underpowered home consoles are compared to gaming rigs. Please don't do it, this is a zero tolerance policy and will result in a suspension.
  2. Posting Sales Numbers
    Sales numbers must be from NPD, GfK, Enterbrain (Famitsu), Media Create or Sinobi. Other sources like VGChartz are not acceptable since they are estimates rather than hard facts. Passing off VGChartz sales figures as fact may result in a suspension. Always remember to include the source of any sales figures you post.
  3. Creating threads based on Rumours or Leaks
    Rumours should be from reliable sources, what is deemed reliable is up to the user, but if a moderator deems the source unreliable expect the thread to be locked or the thread title changed. Any thread being created based on Rumours/Leaks should be clearly titled [RUMOUR] and the source should be linked to in the OP to avoid any confusion. Remember, if something you have posted turns out to be misleading or wrong it's your reputation on the line.
  4. Creating "Megathreads" or "Official Threads"
    Making a thread about a game or event is cool, no problem. If you want to call it a "megathread" or "official thread" the first post must be kept up to date with the newest information and media by the OP. If OP is no longer updating and another member feels up to the task of maintaining the OP then feel free to PM one of the Gaming Mods and we can promote you to OP.
  5. No Code Begging
    Please don't ask for codes. This includes creating threads specifically to ask for them as well as posting in established threads. If there are codes for Beta's, Demo's or DLC etc and someone wants to give them away then they are free to do so. There is also a dedicated BUY/SELL/TRADE thread here.
  6. Do Not Post Video Game Deals In the Gaming Forum
    It may seem like the right place to do so but there is a Hot Deals forum for this purpose HERE.
  7. No Thread Squatting
    This is to say do not post a thread about a game that has absolutely zero information relating to it for the sole purpose of being "First!". Any thread deemed to be created for this reason is likely to be locked by a moderator. If you wish to discuss or speculate a game series or the possibility of a future release then please use the General Gaming Discussion thread and title your post appropriately.
  8. Search Before Posting!
    It's always best to double check what you are about to post hasn't already been posted. We've all been there before! There are no prizes for being first, so check before you post.

These rules are in addition to the Site Rules that are agreed to upon signing up to which can be found at the following link: reserves the right to revoke or deny to anyone for any reason at any time without warning or prior notice access or membership to this site and its public forums.
Thanks given by:
Wingman1977 (04-27-2015)
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