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3 hrs ago
The Manchurian Candidate 4K (Blu-ray)
3 hrs ago
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Ronin 4K (Blu-ray)
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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)

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Old 06-20-2016, 06:05 PM   #10
baheidstu baheidstu is offline
Jun 2012

Originally Posted by pmil View Post
* No such a thing as junk food. Some foods are simply more nutritious than others. The junk food term was made up by ignoramuses and food snobs. These are the same people that would extol French "fine"cuisine while putting down a person having a slice of pizza, and yet the former is likely much more fattier.

* You can eat whatever food you want and stay thin by simply controlling your caloric intake, and that comes down to controlling your portion sizes. That is how lifelong thin people, like myself, remain thin.

* Don't look to fat people for weight losing advice. Do look to lifelong thin people for weight losing advice. That is logical.

* Getting all your required nutrients doesn't have to come from just foods. Supplements can also address what is lacking.

* The reasonable and healthy diet would include enough foods with both types of fiber and would also include moderate amounts of foods we all enjoy. A good supplement can take of the rest.

* People are fat because they simply consume more calories than their bodies need. It's that simple. People are lacking required nutrients because they are not getting enough from their food and because they are not supplementing to get the rest. It's actually extremely difficult and for all practical purposes impossible to get all your required nutrients from your diet alone. To do so would require an extrmely restricted and rigid diet. So again, supplement where needed.

* Now go enjoy some so-called junk food.
This is a simplistic and completely ignorant piece of advice. If you have been thin your entire life then I hazard a guess that genetics plays a large part in that. There are a complex sets of factors at play when it comes to weight loss/gain issues and each individual is different. Anybody who wants to lose weight or get healthy needs to consult with a professional such as a doctor or a dietitian (not a nutritionist) in order to arrive at a dietary programme and an exercise regime that works for them. And yes, there is such a thing as junk food. Eating it in moderation is fine for some, but certain foods like a meal from McDonald's are full of empty calories which do not provide the proper fuel for certain body types such as those with a lot of muscle mass which have to then be supplemented with more food.
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