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View Poll Results: Is baselining down to 30 HZ
Yes, it removes soap opera effect 0 0%
Yes, it makes 2d friendly 3d possible. 0 0%
Yes, it saves bandwidth, to do A and/or B 1 50.00%
No 30 Hz is arachaic, yet hidden 3d encoding is awful. 1 50.00%
Voters: 2. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-19-2020, 12:39 AM   #1
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
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Mar 2017
Cool 30 hz standard: for a 2d friendly 3d, and to remove soap Opera effect.

First of all I like to apologize for seeing anti 3D riots, that existed nowhere except in my mind.

However a TV engineer at my local ABC station said that's probably what every insider was thinking the exact same thing I was. I was just one of the few outsiders who saw it in my own mind playing the chess game a few moves ahead.

That's why I was able to save in 4 months enough money to buy a $200 3D TV before it became premiumized out of existence.

He said I saw the same problems he saw which was 2d incompatibility of a 3D broadcast was so high in 2012, that the only solution was having separate 2D and 3D broadcasts. Unacceptable.

He also likes the TV station half of my solution, which is: since Retro TV channels can broadcast at 30 Hertz why not make a modern ATSC standard that's called 30 Hertz times two eyes. Basically a 2dtv would ignore the "x 2 eye" part, and broadcast a 30 Hertz high-definition broadcast, while the 3D TV would know what to do with the two eyes part. The fact that color information is separate from black and white, and that Dolby 5.1 is also stereo and mono compatible, and closed captions do not interfere with normal viewing, says to me that 2D friendliness of 3D formats is important.

By the way when I search the term anti 3D TV advocacy, nothing came up except terms about removing the soap opera effect. The best way to remove the Soap Opera effect for people who don't desire it should be that allow a 30 Hz mode. Now I got a second reason for a 30 Hertz mode, and that's a 2d friendly version of 3D.

Show generally, the ATSC 3.0 standard should be flexible enough to have a baseline standard, like 30 Hertz, 240p, 8-bit monochrome, mono 44.1kHz, single language, single closed caption track, 1 eye transmission, a dead let the channels build up what they want on the broadcast by default. And then get the rest of the signal from the internet. Probably the first thing most people would voluntarily add would be 16 bits of color to the eighth monochrome bits, the government would require a closed caption track in one language, and pretty much you have so many bits to build within so if frame rate is more important than 3D, 60 rates get shown as the base broadcast,. But if 3D was more important than 60 hertz then 30 hearts by two eyes would be in the base broadcast and the other thirty Hertz have to be grabbed by the internet. Same with pixel resolution same with extra bits of color.

by the way did you know that more people at one point had a 3D capable TV then had a Dolby capable TV. but the main reason why 3D broadcast didn't take off was because just like me and the local engineer we're taking a few moves ahead about complaining about 2d unfriendliness.
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2d friendliness, 30 hz vs 60 hz, 3dtv, atsc, soap opera effect

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