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1 day ago
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Fall (Blu-ray)
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Old 02-04-2007, 02:19 AM   #1
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Default Black bars? 4:3-16:9-2.35 Widescreen Fullscreen Scope OAR sticky threads

There are 3 basic shapes of movies:

A) Academy (1.37 wide)
B) Flat Widescreen (1.66-1.85 wide)
C) Anamorphic "Scope"/70mm Widescreen (2.00-2.75 wide)

Your 16:9 widescreen display is 1.78 wide.

Movies of shape "B" will fill your screen


Movies of shapes "A" and "C" will not.

Academy_in_HDTV.jpg Scope_in_HDTV.jpg


For more info on this, look at these threads, which all interbreed about the same subject, (the Search function is your friend):

How Do I Get the Full Screen??

? regarding hdmi and a 1080i tv (black bars on widescreen)

16:9 FullFrame or 2.39:1 letterbox formatting for Scope films on Blu-ray Discs?

Aspect Ratios - The Director's Vision

Aspect Ratio List?

List of Fullscreen 16:9 1.66-1.85:1 Blu-rays

List of Most Common Aspect Ratios (Pics included)

and other latest, recent threads about black bars.

and maybe

PS3 and scaling

any way to "zoom in" on the movies?

? ALL EXPERTS: Regular DVDs playing in letterbox (PS3)

Note: ^^ Since these PS3 posts above ^^ were made, the PS3 has adquired some uspscaling abilities far beyond mortal men with the latest firmwares, so some info on those PS3 posts might not apply now.

cus.. it's a.. Never Ending Stooooooooooryyyyyyyy

so Come, again, to the show that never ends

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TheAtomizer (05-11-2014)
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