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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)
Old 02-23-2019, 06:13 PM   #1
tripletopper tripletopper is online now
Active Member
Mar 2017
USA Editing Video from Nintendo3DS

Iíve filmed my firends wedding on my Nintendo 3DS. Jsut tae a look at the pain to get it through.

1) Most computer read the 3DS file as a monoscopic file. You have to get a specail app called Bino3D to be able to read the twin images.

2) Then you covert it to side-by-side-half so you can burn it on a DVD-R. Probem is the QuickTime pro screen capture. The only wat tis works is if the capture is perfect. Too big, bad capture. Too Small, bad capture, not centered, bad capture. Too much side letterboxing, bad capture.

I tried pulling it off, but most people said the 3D was unconvincing.

So Iím trying again using a whole screen capture and run it through a Hauppauge Rocket. One proble is that Mac scrrens are 15:9 and 3D DVD works best whe i have a 16:9 image, so yu have t use twin screens, ad make sure they are not mirrored, and (get this) you must define your primary screen as the Hauppauge Capture leading to your 3D TV because if you donít, youíre going to have a skinny picture. And there is no way to define the secondary screen as your 3D screen.

I had problems of pixelation, because the video was set on low-bandwidth stream mode, bit one I got that fixed, it works.. BUT there is no sound going to my Hauppauge. And the DVI+L/R-> HDMI does work, as long as the Haupauge is not in the circuit path. But if it IS in the loop, then the box doesnít recognize sound. But just before the Rocket in the chain, the sound was intact, becuase my surround headphones worked. So itís an issue with the Rocket, or the DVI device working with the Rocket.

I tried to use iMovie with the side-by-side half footage. Unfortunately there is no way to universally turn off the Ken Burns effect. You have to go clip by clip taking out the Ken Burns effect. so the stereoscopy is preserved. Also donít try to use titles or fancy effects because they always assume a 2D presentation, and youíre faking 3D with side-by-side half.

Of course you can burn it on a 3D DVD, just say "side by side half mode only". Of course the DVD menu is in 2D.

I understand this is a Larry the Cable Guy Redneck-ish way of doing it. Most professional editors would buy Final Cut Pro.

Now the fina problem, web sharing. Beofre on Youtube, you as the author flipped a switch saying this video is in the proper 3D format of side-by-side half, and YouTube would automatically convert it to 2D, Red and Cyan, and a few other ways. Now you have to enter a "3D Meta Tag" Unfortunately, being the redneck editor, I called Apple and asked how you add a 3D Tag in iMovie. They have no way.

I look up youtubeís instructions, and it says you need to use your video editor. Hello, I just called Apple! No way to do it! The only other way involves doing some geeky command line code, and some really complex method of inserting it in the file itself. All I know is that if itís command line, I know one wrong move and you can mess up everything and make things way worse. I did it once for something... never again.

And finally, I thought iMovie was meat to be a "basic, real world movie editor" Side-by-side-half is a 2D editor-compatible way of doing 3D. As long as I donít have to change any depths, or make Donkey Kong whisk my friendís bride away just to film the daring rescue, or anything else considered Hollywood, I should be fine.

Apparently not. at least the 3D DVD might look good if I can sync the sound.

Any Apple Mac apps that can add a 3D Meta Tag to an iMovie finished video for youtube?

Also anyone know of any either DVI+L/R-> HDMI or (even better) DVI + Toslink -> HDMI converters that work with a Hauppauge Rocket, or is that a system setting that needs to be fixed?
Old 04-07-2019, 08:17 PM   #2
tripletopper tripletopper is online now
Active Member
Mar 2017

I have made some progress. First, you can only send Bino videos to the "primary screen" but luckily, on an Imac, you can define either screen as the primary screen. And turn off mirror mode. So I’m apble to watch perfect 3D, and I I were to insert a USB flash drive in there I can record it in perfectly centered original filmed ration on a 16x9 screen.

One problem, no sound. I tried plugging in l/r into a DVI+LR to HDMI converter, no go. I tried a DVI+ Toslink to HDMI. I tried routing the L/R directly in the Hauppouge, no dice. I tried routing the TOslink into the Turtle Beach X41 (even though it doesn’t have surround sound, that would come in handy for streaming suround sound games with only stereo recording, but still a big problem.

According to Haupauge they don’t test DVi+ either L/R or Toslink-> HDMI converters so they can’t guarantee they work.

Is it something wrong with my Apple? Is ti something wrong with m Hauppauge. I can get sound and video when piped directly in the TV. I can get video when piped in to the Rocket. Other HDMI audio and video capture together fine.

I don’t know i my old Apple can do HDMI directly. I’ll call Apple and see. Can Anew Apple do HDMI video and audio together to an external screen? If so, I’ll wait.

Any advice for a good DVI+sound-> HDMI converter that works well with A Hauppauge Rocket? I’m suspecting it’s the Rocket.
Old 04-20-2019, 05:12 PM   #3
AlvaroB AlvaroB is offline
Junior Member
Dec 2017

Do you have any windows machine? If so I think I may help you a bit
Old 08-02-2019, 06:35 AM   #4
tripletopper tripletopper is online now
Active Member
Mar 2017

Originally Posted by AlvaroB View Post
Do you have any windows machine? If so I think I may help you a bit
No I have an iMac and I Movie. buy I am getting a $20 external lens for an Android Phone (Macintosh and Android: Most people say that's pickles and ice cream. Macs and iPhones are Chocolate and Peanut Butter. What are windows and iPhones and Windows and Androids like?) and there might be an App for the camera which saves it on SD card as side-by-side half file.
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