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Wonder Woman 3D (Blu-ray)
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Old 05-18-2020, 04:58 PM   #1
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017
Cool Combining a black and red image with black and xyan / Virtual Boy / Virtual Tap

I have confirmed that furrtek, the maker of a virtual boy device called the virtual tap, said that you could get to Independent images out of a Virtual Boy by buying two separate virtual taps.

both sides you could change to black and one of the other seven "main" colors. So I would change the left eye to be black and red and the right eye to be black and cyan.

in theory if those two images were merged you could make a 3D anaglyph TV presentation of the Virtual Boy.

The issue is with sync. Each of the TV signals have a separate sink.

I was thinking of using technology similar to editing boards where you can merge picture a and picture b.

Most video editing boards have it so that the Y value and the C values gradually fade into each other.

But what if there was an additive mode instead of an average mode. of course for this to work the editing box has to think in terms of RGB and take the red of one and the green and blue the other and combine them.

If there are no controls it probably be cheaper to buy a single-purpose circuit that just takes the red one in the green and blue the other and cig some and combines them.

But this is mainly video editing equipment used to solve a video consumption problem

Any suggestions where I could find an RGB video editor?
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Old 08-19-2020, 01:35 AM   #2
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017

I know the virtual boy produces black and x images. Normally x is red. But the Virtual Tap can get each eye independently to output monochrome RGB in black and X, x can equal. Red. Yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta, or white.

Would a passive VGA connector work, so the the combined output is an RGB additive combination of a black and red left eye and a black and cyan right eye to make a red and cyan anaglyph?

If the timing of the 2 eyes are known to be equal, wouldbit make it easier?

If not. I'd there any external AB RGB combiner editor device.
.I thought I'd ask in 3d because that sounds like the least techy way to get an Anaglyph of the Virtual Boy. Is that a method of making anaglyph video with 2 monochrome images?
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Old 09-29-2020, 03:54 AM   #3
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017
Cool Merging twin VGA monochrome videos into an anaglyph?!?

I think I thought of a way you can play the Virtual Boy in 3D very easily with very little custom processors.

there exists a device in the Retro Gaming community known as the virtual tap which lets you take Virtual Boy video which is normally stuck to a fixed this playing from your eyes and transfer one eye to a TV using either VGA or HDMI.

If you're willing to buy two of them you can have one for the left eye and one for the right eye. That has been proven true also.

Also there are three switches which let you choose the color of the video as they are all natively presented in monochrome. 7 of the 8 modes all have black as the negative color and as a positive color any of the other seven extremes of the color Cube namely red green blue cyan yellow and magenta and white. the eighth option can either be an inverse black and white or black and any 24-bit color as the other color.

Now I know I could take the VGA out of the left eye and make it black and red and I could take the vgi out of the right signal and make it black and cyan, and theory in VGA mode all you need is the red pin of the left eye and the green and blue pins of the right eye in a passive merger.

Now the only question comes what happens with the sync. I heard some people say that use exact same sink timer if that is the case, would I just have to take either the left or the right eye and run that as a common sync? But when pixels are nanoseconds apart in timing I can't be assured that the syncs will remain common by the time it reaches the common.

I know in the old day they had video editing boxes where you putting two videos a process or processes the video and spits out the resulting picture, that's where you could have A-B wipes that are analog and gradual.

But I noticed most work on a luma chroma system. Also the average the luma in the chroma knots take loom of left was chroma of right.

Is there a cheap VGA merger circuit that contains a video editing circuit that would sink the video?

now I understand the issue of timing is important but it's not as important as it would be in a light gun game since a door no light gun games currently for the Virtual Boy and B there would be no point in making it because the virtual boy is not supposed to have an external screen, then we don't have to worry about sub microsecond timing. All we have to do is get it within a millisecond or less annual play just like a regular Virtual Boy game it's just that Pixel perfect for light gun which is irrelevant in this case anyway.

anyone on the production side of 3D stuff you know of a VGA dual monochrome emerging system like when we're talking about?

Of course the alternative is to get them HDMI get them half width and get them side-by-side. I know how to do all three of those things but the limits of OBS is it could only have two cameras at once therefore it would only be 3D footage and would not contain any humans playing it, except for their voices.

Just wondering if the timing is close enough where a passive VGA adapter is possible to do such a thing.
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Old 10-17-2020, 08:44 PM   #4
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017

It's been a month since I last posted this and no responses. I'm just wondering if it's a simple as doing all the pins of one VGA except for the green and blue and then doing the other pins of the wide adapter of only the green and blue and then merging them into a single VGA via connection if that would work.

By the way virtual boys graphics are natively black and white but tint the white parts red in software. and the tent can be altered to any of the other seven main corners of the color Cube other than black, so cyan is an option.

just wondering is it as simple as a passive adapter or do I need something else?
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Old 10-18-2020, 03:45 AM   #5
Lee A Stewart Lee A Stewart is offline
Blu-ray Ninja
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Jan 2019
Albuquerque, NM

It would probably be easier if you started with one of these than trying to eliminate pins in a VGA connector: VGA to Component Video Cable
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Old 10-23-2020, 02:54 AM   #6
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017

Thank you. However to work on a VGA monitor you also need the horizontal sink and vertical sink so I bought one with five cables in case those two signals were necessary.

also I learned that half the pens are information that the PC is inquiring about the Monitor and have nothing to do with just a simple RGB non interactive presentation where the Virtual Boy will be doing all the interactive stuff.

also the original Creator tried it but they made the mistake of making a red and blue and a glyph instead of a red and cyan anaglyph.

I watched it through written signed glasses and probably heated to because it was both bad. But I knew a guy who sells industrial 3D glasses who invented the chromadepth 3D system where colors represent distance, and agrees that watching red and blue video through red and sunglasses does the store the 3D and he confirmed that the proper red and blue glasses for that type do give accurate 3D presentation so it's not as far-fetched as some people think.
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Old 01-11-2021, 11:14 PM   #7
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017

Yes I found devices that convert VGA to 5 BNC plugs with the 5 BNC pugs being red green blue v sync and h sync.

I clearly list misspoke last time. I saw a video test of red and blue 3D Virtual Boy video. When I watched it through red and cyan glasses it did not quite look right

I got someone who makes cardboard 3D glasses look at the red and blue anaglyph video, and they said through the proper red and blue glasses the red and blue anaglyph looks better.

However the written cyan is the more common anagyph glasses.

The VGA has 15 pins. Five of the pins are red green blue vsync and hsync. Do any of the other pins do anything that are necessary for RGB video or they responses by the monitor back to the computer as I heard some of them are.

If the sink could be thought of like the ground of electricity then a theory all you need are the red green blue and both syncs for it to work correctly.

does anyone know if the virtual boys two eyes are synced together with each other or if they have separate sinks on each eye.

if both eyes have the same sink then in theory I could just pick one of the two arbitrarily and make it connect.

Well I ordered my two virtual Taps now I just got to find labor to operate on my Virtual Boy.

I know a guy who says they can work on anything as long as you provide them with the instructions and parts they need to do it and then they just pay for the labor by the hour
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