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Old 06-12-2019, 05:19 AM   #1
typod typod is offline
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Nov 2009
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Unhappy Making the Most out of an old Denon AVR3802

Hi All, I have a Denon AVR-3802 (circa 2003 or so I think?) and I need a little assistance....Obviously I'm aware of newer feature-rich machines with TrueHD etc....But this old receiver is a workhorse. Truly a well-built piece of equipment, and IMO musically more 'warm' sounding than anything I've come across to-date. Plus better MANUALY customizable amp and speaker assignment, phono support, etc.

The only caveat with the machine is lack of 'digital' Zone 2 inputs, a shortfall with most models from the era. As I was ready to buy a new TV I figured I could live with supplementing stereo RCA connections if I want to hear dialog fill on the patio or via the bathroom speakers etc....

Bought a new Sony Bravia (KD-75X780F/C). Got the TV home and realized it will not output 2.0 PCM from the headphone jack AND Dolby Digital from the optical jack at the SAME time, when both cables are plugged in. The display on the Denon receiver immediately switches from Dolby digital to Pro Logic.....My old Samsung DLP carried simultaneous Optical and PRM analog same time no problem.

I figure my options are as follows...

1. Purchase a SPDIF to RCA converter for the zone 2 (will volume be loud enough? how many milliseconds delay?)(Pricey if the converter downmixes 5.1 sources).

2. Give up on 2.0 pure stereo zone 2 and use the amp in 7-channel stereo 'party' mode to utilize all the speakers when not watching movies in Dolby or DTS. (poor quality, especially when I use the amp for music).

3. Trick the stereo and use the stereo's own FL and FR speaker pre-outs (since Zone 1 has a DAC) and connect directly back into the RCA inputs for zone 2 source? (will that harm the amp?)(I will likely run with this)

4. Buy a new 7.1/9.1 amp (cost prohibitive). I'm using a Pioneer 1019-AH in a different room but my main room has 12 speakers and even with my impedance volume controls I would worry that machine is not up to the task....

I have been mulling this over for days....may call Sony and see if my TV is defective. Crazy how a simple I/O feature like that is unsupported. (I also knew to mute the internal speakers of the tv)...

Thanks for any advice

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