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Originally Posted by ps3bd_owner View Post
Was thinking of FPS in the sense of sniping, but yes it's a TPS. Sniper Elite V2 on the Wii U was utter rubbish for how it was handled and my Wii U even froze because of how shite the game was.
Well, third party. I have gotten so many freezes on PS3. I played Payday 2 and after around 3 or 4 hours it always froze the console. And that after tens of patches. And restarting the game didn't even help it. Only restarting the console did delay it. Which means it's not a hardware issue. It's a software issue and even the OS has to be involved somehow.

On Wii U a single freeze is shocking. On PS3 it's like "oh yeah? again? whatever"

I think I had Splinter Cell Blacklist freeze a few times, especially during multiplayer until I passed through a few TCP/UDP ports from my firewall. Before doing that it literally froze every 2 matches. No idea how Ubisoft managed to do that And it's quite obvious that this happens to all sorts of other players too, because some are gone after 2 or 3 matches sometimes even in the middle of a match, although "our" team was winning.

After I was done with the game, that was it. Nothing else worth doing
To be fair, I finished Sniper Elite v3 on PS3 and there also was nothing else to do. Sure, it has co-op, but co-op is quite broken and I lost connection countless times and when that happens the whole level needs to be restarted and levels can take 1 hour to complete. And it's co-op with PSN friends only on top of that. You can't even connect to randoms. It was a hell to get platinum in. If it would work properly, it would have been nice, but the way it is it's simply broken.

And they also didn't include the Hitler DLC in the GOTY edition of course, which takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

since the devs were so lazy only the GamePad was usable as the controller
Yeah, that simply sucks. ESPECIALLY when you consider that Nintendo doesn't even charge for patches at all. Which means lazy/doesn't give a crap is the only explanation.

I can understand it, when the gamepad is used in some major way and it wouldn't make sense to support Pro Controller, but for Sniper Elite v2? No reason to not support it.

Batman Arkham City for example works quite fine, but it has some silly bug, that triggers when you try to restart the Harley Quinn DLC a second time and then it crashes the console almost right at the start. Did anyone fix it? Of course not. I read that in US they released patched discs. In Europe nothing. No patch, nada. Thanks Warner Bros, will spend my money elsewhere.

btw. I just received a physical Teslagrad copy. And a physical Shovel Knight copy as well. Now THAT's how games should work. I think most 3rd parties except indies are basically dead to me. Shovel Knight even has a thick physical manual included. And a download code for MP3s. Would have preferred an Audio CD though.

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