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Old 11-22-2018, 12:42 PM   #1
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Default What species are Kibito and Grand Kai?

Kaio and Kaioshin, such as King Kai and Supreme Kai, are born as fruit that grow from special, magical trees on World Core and therefore are a species, the technical term for them being "Core People." The Kaio are born as dark fruit and can live as long as 75,000 years; and the Kaioshin are born as golden fruit and can live as long as 75,000,000 years!

Anyhow, based on their depictions in the manga and anime, each of the two subspecies of Core People has unique physiological traits that can be used to identify its members, and the members of each of the two subspecies have peculiar styles of dress and ornamentation.

For example, Kaio (i.e. the subspecies of Core People to which King Kai belongs) have antennae (or wear hats that have antennae), lack noses, and wear sunglasses and Chinese-style gi of various color schemes, each of which consists of a sleeveless outer garment that has a large Chinese character printed on the front of it and a sleeved undergarment.

Picture of Kaio:

As for Kaioshin (i.e. the subspecies of Core People to which Supreme Kai and Elder Kai belong), they can grow hair only along the center of their heads (i.e. they can grow only mohawks), and their hair grows upwards and is divided into large bundles that resemble thick spikes. Also, each of them wears a pair of Potora earrings and a more elaborate gi of various color schemes that consists of a coat that is kept closed with a single button, a sash that's wrapped around their waist, a pair of pants (sometimes dangling in front of which is another sash), and a pair of white boots.

Picture of Kaioshin:

Kibito, who is Supreme Kai's assistant, looks very much like a member of the Kaioshin rather than a member of the Kaio due to his lack of antennae, his style of dress, and his overall facial morphology. However, unlike characters who are known to be Kaioshin, he can grow hair on the entirety of his head and his hair consists of thin, ordinary strands and grows downward.

Picture of Kibito:

As for Grand Kai, he's another conundrum. Unlike Kaio, he has a nose and lacks antennae (or a hat that has antennae), but like Kaio, he wears sunglasses and a Chinese-style gi. However, unlike Kaioshin, he has a full head of hair that grows downward and is bushy rather than "spikey," and he wears neither Potora earrings nor the elaborate style of gi. I know that he's not a canonical character, but he was designed by Akira Toriyama and the rank that he possesses (i.e. Grand Kai) is referenced in the manga and is therefore cannon.

Picture of Grand Kai:

What do you guys think?
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