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Old 01-08-2021, 03:17 PM   #1
heavyharmonies heavyharmonies is offline
Expert Member
Sep 2007
Default How important to you are outer cases for multi-steelbook sets?

I'm talking about the outer cushioned cases that contain the individual steelbooks.

The collecting purist in me says that they are critical, but then sanity/reality rears its ugly head... if you're displaying the steelbooks from those sets with all of your other steelbooks, i.e., outside of the cushioned box, how important are the oversized cases really?

The reason I mention it is that being comparatively new to collecting 4K steelbooks (I only purchase 4K and 3D releases, not regular blu-ray), there are several 4K steelbook sets that are either no longer available, or are IMO too expensive to justify tracking them down as new "perfect" units, but if you don't care about the outer case there are sellers on eBay selling new sets, just with dented outer cases, at significant discounts.

In the last month I've picked up the following 4K UHD steelbook sets, all new including unredeemed digital codes:

Avengers 4-movie collection: $69.99
Batman 4-movie collection: $44.99
Rambo 5-movie collection: $39.99

I realize that in at least one case (Avengers) at one point it would likely have been possible to get the set new for close to that price, but as I mentioned, I missed out on some of these when released, so that wasn't an option.

In each case, the individual movie steelbooks were mint; it's just the outer cases that were dented. So into protective sleeves the individual movies go, and onto the shelf with the other movies...

Anyone else, or is this considered blasphemy?
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Old 01-08-2021, 04:27 PM   #2
DarkEco910 DarkEco910 is offline
Blu-ray Champion
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Mar 2013

I own:

Harry Potter BD steelbook collection (now housing 4K discs)
Avengers 4-film 4K collection
Batman 4-film 4K collection
The Hobbit 4K collection
The Lord of the Rings 4K collection

I have been very fortunate with each of them. The HP set I was able to select myself and has several small dents all around the outer shell that add character. My other ones were all store pickup and are immaculate. My first Batman set came shipped and was busted to hell, so I was able to switch that out no issues, now that I recall.

Bottom line: If it's significantly dented/scratched, then it has no place on my shelf in favor of finding a better one. Same with individual steelbooks.

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Old 01-08-2021, 05:27 PM   #3
wjasoncul wjasoncul is offline
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Jun 2010
MS(the state, not the lady), USA

Originally Posted by heavyharmonies View Post
Anyone else, or is this considered blasphemy?
For me it would be is there any added value in that outer case? Did I pay anything extra because of it compared to what buying the steelbooks by themselves would have been ...

Rambo set was ~$95 Day One for 5 steels so that's an average under $20 per steelbook which is a pretty good price (if you compare to other LG steels like Kick-Ass), so in that situation the outer case didn't really affect the price. If it was say around $125+, then yeah I would want a completely mint outer case.

Ultimately, like you said, the steelbooks inside are the main goal of the release (I guess the discs themselves too )
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Old 01-08-2021, 05:44 PM   #4
heavyharmonies heavyharmonies is offline
Expert Member
Sep 2007

You're right, it would all depend on how much of a premium was paid for the outer case and/or the overall cost of the sets. When I purchased the Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, and Game of Thrones steelbook sets, because they are all (comparatively) expensive, I made sure to get mint examples.
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