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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)
Old 02-22-2021, 10:09 AM   #1
Krynoid-Man Krynoid-Man is offline
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Sep 2020
Default 50'' TV with good motion handling

I have a currently Hisense 3B7500UK but it has some issues with motion. When there's fast movement there's a distracting motion smoothing effect where anytime there's fast motion there's an artificial looking blurry trail following (and in dark scenes it's a horrible looking green colour) and I've gone through all the settings, but I can't seem to turn off. The Dolby Vision doesn't work properly on some of my discs either.

Because of this I'm wanting to get another TV which handles motion much better. It's going to be in my small bedroom so size wise I'm looking for a 50'' model, preferably with Dolby Vision.

Does anybody have any recommendations?

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Old 02-22-2021, 06:01 PM   #2
samlop10 samlop10 is offline
Blu-ray Guru
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Dec 2010
Denver, CO

What’s your budget? And is 50” the top end? Or could you do 55”?

50” and under is going to limit you too much.
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Old 02-22-2021, 06:17 PM   #3
MechaGodzilla MechaGodzilla is online now
Blu-ray Baron
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Sep 2012

I agree with samlop that budget is always good to know when this question is asked, so people have a better idea of what to recommend.

The absolute best TVs you can get around this size are the LG 48" CX, Sony 48" A9S and Sony 49" XH95. For 2021 models, there will be the LG 48" C1 (successor to the CX) and Sony 50" X90J. All of them support Dolby Vision.

Again, I know nothing of your price preference and such, just throwing these out because they're the best you can find in 48"/49"/50", and all very fine TVs. Being the highest-end models in their size class, they are also the most expensive. The Sony XH95 is going to be the cheapest option among them, and the X90J will follow suit after discounts.

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Old 02-22-2021, 10:01 PM   #4
Krynoid-Man Krynoid-Man is offline
Active Member
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Sep 2020

My budget would probably be around 600. In terms of size, I'm not sure if I could fit a 55'' on my TV stand as it's designed to for a 50''.
Although if we're getting the 2021 models soon, then it might be better to wait and see how they are before I make a decision.

Thank you for the suggestions though.

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Old 02-23-2021, 02:34 AM   #5
oddbox83 oddbox83 is offline
Blu-ray Ninja
Sep 2013

You’re in the UK so might I suggest the Panasonic TX-50HX800B. Good motion and all the HDR formats.

I’ve got a 40” 2019 Panasonic model I got last year in the sales for my loft bedroom with limited space, and it’s superb quality for a bedroom TV and the price. The 50” I recommend is currently 49 above your budget but as you say the 2021 models might be out soon so that means the 2020s will be on discount.

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Thanks given by:
Krynoid-Man (02-23-2021)
Old 02-23-2021, 09:06 AM   #6
Krynoid-Man Krynoid-Man is offline
Active Member
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Sep 2020

Thanks, I think that's probably the one I'll go for. Hopefully I can get it for a discount, but if not I could probably spare an extra 49 for it.
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