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Old 05-12-2017, 06:17 PM   #101
DavePS3 DavePS3 is offline
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Jan 2007

Originally Posted by shinobipopcorn View Post
Storage units are terrible for anything, but they kill VHS tapes especially (mold growth!) and depending on how you store discs, the changing temperatures will cause moisture to condense into paper cases/inserts and warp them. If you must use a storage unit, go for climate controlled indoor ones.
The main thing that killed VHS or Beta tape is that it was a magnetic format and as such, lost those magnetic qualities over time no matter how they were stored. When that process started, the tapes did not track properly... the picture would jump vertically. If you were able to manually adjust the tracking for that issue, the audio was garbled in spots and it just got progessively worse.
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Old 12-05-2017, 04:11 PM   #102
lcgrzy lcgrzy is offline
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Apr 2011

You're a real hero. Very interesting post with helpful information. I wonder if the same goes for 4k Blu-Rays, although I'm not going to test it.
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Old 12-07-2017, 08:15 AM   #103
Rik1138 Rik1138 is offline
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Aug 2008
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Originally Posted by lcgrzy View Post
You're a real hero. Very interesting post with helpful information. I wonder if the same goes for 4k Blu-Rays, although I'm not going to test it.
Yeah, they are made the same way... It's the scratch resistant coating that does it...
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Old 12-20-2017, 04:03 AM   #104
Beautiful HD Beautiful HD is offline
Apr 2013

I would definitely recommend a Disc Organizer.

Bought two of these sets last year and it hasn't scratched any of my blu-rays.
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Old 12-23-2017, 12:55 PM   #105
tjritter79 tjritter79 is offline
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Nov 2012
Reading, Pa.

First, I'm new to this conversation so a lot of what I'm going to say may or has already been implemented, and I certainly am NO expert in the manufacturing or storing of blu rays. But what I've done works great for me, so I'm passing that information on hopefully help ANYBODY...and if it indeed helps one single person...then this is NOT a waste of time in my book. I've been collecting blu-rays since the...well I guess when the PS3 came out what 8-10 yrs or so....I don't have the details in front of me sorry! Since then, I've established quite a collection <<<<<<<. Maybe its because I treat my discs with the most immaculate of care (cloth gloves, etc) but I've been fortunate to ONLY have a single disc replaced due to scratches....and while a scatch on a DVD only caused a skip or two, the same size scratch is FATAL to a blu-ray disc. I found this out quite early, and with the cost/quality if the BD discs I have since taken extraordinary tasks to keep them clean and free of scratches. Back in "the day" the blu cases the discs came in were extraordinarily efficient and were the best storage medium for these discs, the gap between the bottom of the disc and back of the case it sat in was enough where if you were able to just snugly line up the cases frt-to-back, there was literally NO CHANCE to scratch the disc by stacking them in shelves. Certainly the process in mfg these discs insures they will be durable throughout time....but how long? Ahh, therein lies the issue. I too found that as time wore on, paper sleeves, digipaks, the 5-6mm cases even. Were ALL inadequate to store these discs properly, long term. I even discovered that the blu cases for some imports I bought (Yes, I have a modded Oppo 203 for RF viewing, and I had previous players modded as well) the cases for a single disc are thicker, and therefore in my estimation more reliable for storage. Over time, and with being a regular customer at Casetopia, I obtained the proper amount and sizes of cases I needed for storage. The multi-discs (the ones that can hold 6-7-8 or more discs)are fine as long as you PAY for the "better quality, higher priced" cases. While early on, I did find some discs marked and small slight scratches that didn't bear into the surface, I found my old PC discwasher was able to remove these. These marks are caused by 1)length of time in the same position (not regularly watched) and variances in the room where they are stored due to humidity 2) Careless removal/replacing keep in mind all discs should ONLY be handled from the outside edge and center hole. If you allow yourself to touch the top (the printed side) you'll find in time the habit strays you to begin to touch the bottom (read) side of the disc. 3) Contact and friction caused by constant inserting/removing these discs from paper sleeves, digipaks, etc.
Now, I know the first reaction is "Wow, what a clean freak!" or something related. Well maybe that's partly true, however the way I see it, looking at the amount of my collection and the investment involved...these are minor steps. And that disc I had to replace, the PS3 thing should have given that away (Spiderman 3).
So, what and how do I store my collection now (maybe some of you have this to look forward too?). Individual movies/titles are stored in "hard cases" the ones as I mentioned previously as thick as the "British" titles and/or multi-packs I got from Casetopia. The marginally thin ones have been all replaced as have all digipaks. My collection is too large to keep entirely in "shelves" So, approx 1000 of my titles are stored in a 6-drawer dresser. Each drawer lined in felt and with steel railings on each side to enable each drawer to be pulled out to its full length. I NEVER have more than one drawer open at a time lest the damn thing tip over. Recently to insure that, I have a small refrigerator and microwave on top. Each case is stored lengthwise with the spine facing up, leaving at least a 2-case space in a stack for "flipping" through titles. This space also insures the cases are not "crushed" so the pressure is not pressing the case against the disc inside. Now comes the part where I "really" go off the deep end! The reason the spine is facing up, at the bottom of each spine I have an Avery label #6737 which is used to index my collection. My system is similar to the dewey decimal system...or maybe not? Anyhow, the cases in drawer# 1 begin 1.XX to 1.XX, drawer #2 begins 2.XX, and so on. This numbering system is cross-referenced on my database, so I can look up what movie I want and know exactly which drawer and what number that title happens to be. You don't expect me to memorize where each and every title is when I (now) have over 1500 titles categorized?
Now, I will admit, the hardest task of this entire adventure was finding the RIGHT dresser to hold all those titles. Bob's Discount furniture had one where each drawer was the perfect internal size to be able to suit my needs. All in all I couldn't be happier. Now, I know SOMEBODY is going to say "Pictures, or it never happened?"...and I'm one of those guys who usually asks that too. But, also sadly, I'm not technically oriented enough to be able to transfer a picture from my phone to my sorry folks, you're going to have to take me at my word on this. My son-in-law is coming up for Christmas so I'll ask for his help, if enough ask I'll try to post some then. Like I said I hope this helps someone with their storage!
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joseluko (01-05-2019), turls (02-08-2018)
Old 09-07-2019, 07:28 AM   #106
logboy logboy is online now
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i wouldn't want to guide anyone in a particular direction on storing in cases, but i will add my recent experience.

my suspicion is that softer cases are a greater issue : they rely upon the contents to give rigidity, and can therefore easily be left leaning in positions which cause random abrasion to some discs as they tip and rest discs onto edges, press against one another. more of an issue (i estimate) with cases holding more than four (two each side) to a page. don't know if storing cases flat seems wise as that's vertical pressure and pages sliding against one another.

anything with two to a page (one each side) or four (two each side - stood on longest edge) would not be as weighty or floppy without being full. better still would be rigid cases that won't rely upon the contents for it's strength or would take burden off discs in that respect.

maybe something like this? >

i've noticed patches of dots matching the fabric of the pages on quite a few CDs - no different to DVDs, i think, essentially - and wouldn't imagine it's from removal as it's not on all discs, but would be wary of taking discs in and out without them being absolutely flat, which is tricky and might play it's part. unsure if cheaper materials affect them.

have removed all discs back to their original cases ... but, most CDs these days are issued in card sleeves, and removing from there will cause a different kind of scratching. no perfect answer, as i suspect jewel cases and just putting discs into a player will also cause scratches.

might just be that it's to be regarded as a very flawed delivery system - no more perfect than buying or subscribing to downloads in that discs can fail and become unusable in time.
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Old 09-14-2019, 08:10 PM   #107
Xtempo Xtempo is offline
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Nov 2009
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I used this for over 2 years (some of it was in a storage unit) and nothing is wrong with my discs. I made sure to have it always upright and not leaning or flat.
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