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Default Socom 4 on ps3 solution

So here's the poop...

Way back in the olden days, I bought a shiny new fat-butt 60gig PS3. Loved it, ran beautifully on BluRays, games etc. One day, as most of us are familiar with, I lovingly received the YLOD. Son of a B...! So, I take it in to get fixed but seeing the end for the unit is just a matter of time, I get a new slim 320gig but the slim will not take Socom 4 even to do single player campaign - which is predominantly what I do cuz... who knows, maybe I'm anti-social or aint gots no friends and I'm on da welfare. Whatever.

What happened and this has been true up until today, is that the game needs an update to even start the menu but the update freezes up at 98%. Internet search showed I'm not the only one with this problem and most gave up. I could leave that damn thing on overnight and the rest of the update would just flip me the proverbial bird, it just would not complete it's task.

The plot thickens... Once the old 60gig was repaired, it remained on my shelf with an ancient firmware update and I'd pull the bugger out whenever I wanted to replay Socom 4. Hey, I replay games constantly... I don't apologize for that, I still run 'Driver' and 'Spiderman' on the PS1 for God's sake. Still have all the Ghost Recons... all the COD's, MOH's... you get the idea. Point is, I wanted access to one of my beloved games and I was being shut out by newer firmware. Therefore, bright-boy that I am, I decided to never update my fatty and that worked flawlessly.

Now we fast forward to this past week where, by the grace of the demons from Hell, my fat 60gig does nipples-up a third time with the famed YLOD and the repair place, good and handy as they may be, confirms my worst fears... the unit is on it's last legs (though repaired again). What to do, what to do. I break out into a cold sweat at the mere thought of not being able to play a game I bought eons ago and vow to find a solution. I search the internet... lots of dudes with the same problem but they don't even have the older unit to at least play the game on for awhile. Those poor saps have a game they cannot play and is literally, junk because there are no servers for Socom any longer (or MAG for that matter) and no update completion.

Then, an epiphany. I'm sitting my flabby arse down at the local park, contemplating the mysteries of the universe... where belly-button lint comes from and an idea hits me. I am at that point, obsessed with my brilliant concept and eventually get home to try things out.

Now that my chubby PS3 is back, it has issues it didn't have before like... the soft-touch power button doesn't work any longer and it will NOT connect to the internet - wired or on WIFI. I also cannot get either of my PS3 controllers to synch with the unit if the USB is not attached. Awesome. Proof however, that my favorite gloss black PS3 is on life support for who knows how much longer.

I take a USB stick and copy the saved data for Socom onto it from the fat. I pop it into the slim, load the data, then go up to the files and delete the older directory for Socom. I pop in the disc, it asks for an update but I hit the back button. It tries to connect to the Sony servers but again, I back it up. It loads... it plays. Holy Crap! God be praised! There is much rejoicing with trumpets, belly dancers and ice cream. Now the fat 60gig can blow it out it's exhaust port for all I care. It has served me well but I no longer fear it's untimely death and when it does expire, I shall salute it and will bury it with honors.

I think however, that I will keep that data on that USB stick in case my slim dies and I get yet another to re-live my glory days. Now, as long as my old XP PC keeps playing 'Hidden & Dangerous', I will be happy.

I should probably get out more though...
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