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Originally Posted by gotmule View Post
That sucks to hear about your Fathoms. Personally, I unplug my subs when not in use, as that is the best way to prevent spikes and such. I also donít want to limit any current going to them and a lot of surge protectors will do exactly that. Never downgrade your subs unless absolutely necessary, as you will miss the effect if you do settle.

I couldnít see myself choosing another sub in reality, I just need to vent the frustration lol. I think Iím going to have to unplug them after every session. Slightly annoying but neccessary I think.
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gotmule (10-30-2019)
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Originally Posted by THE_FORCE View Post
I think I’m going to have to unplug them after every session.
Unplugging was never a reliable solution. Best is to not have destructive transients anywhere inside the house. Only something that does that 24/7/52 times a year is effective. Informed consumers properly earth a 'whole house' protector. If any sub needs protection, then so do so many less robust appliances.

What protects a dishwasher, clocks, furnace, dimmer switches, refrigerator, GFCIs, stove, LED & CFL bulbs, clock radios, central air, washing machine, and every smoke detector? Do you also unplug all them?

Best is to address the problem. A homeowner that does not connect a 'whole house' protector low impedance (ie less than 10 feet) to earth ground electrodes has all but invited that transient inside. To hunt for earth ground destructively via all appliances.

Damage is so routinely averted that damage is actually considered traceable to human mistakes.

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