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Old 04-18-2016, 02:19 PM   #221
gothic_hobbit gothic_hobbit is offline
Active Member
Oct 2010

I think trophies ruined gaming.
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Old 04-18-2016, 02:30 PM   #222
Petra_Kalbrain Petra_Kalbrain is offline
Blu-ray Prince
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Jul 2007
Vancouver, BC

Originally Posted by gothic_hobbit View Post
I think trophies ruined gaming.
How? I think they've improved gaming! Trophies give you an opportunity to experience different ways of playing the game that you might not have thought of before. They also prolong the enjoyment of a title since you get to play it more than just the initial 6 to 8 hours that you paid $60+ for, thus increasing the value of the purchase. Lastly, it could only ruin gaming if you feel that there is no other reason to play the game other than trophies. And, nobody is forcing you to even bother paying attention to the trophies, so they can't affect your gaming experience unless you 100% allow yourself to be affected by their existence.
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Dirk504 (04-18-2016), Musashi (04-18-2016)
Old 04-18-2016, 02:58 PM   #223
P-Rock P-Rock is offline
Apr 2015

Originally Posted by Pondosinatra View Post
Look at a keyboard

Ever since Doom - FPS games have pretty much standardized on that layout - W is up, A is left, D is right etc. There's even specially made gaming keyboards based on that layout.

Not exactly. People started using WASD with the release of Half-Life. Before that games used the arrow keys to move, while using ctrl to shoot. Especially games from the Doom era.
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Old 04-18-2016, 04:13 PM   #224
D00mM4r1n3 D00mM4r1n3 is offline
Senior Member
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Jan 2012

Originally Posted by P-Rock View Post
Not exactly. People started using WASD with the release of Half-Life. Before that games used the arrow keys to move, while using ctrl to shoot. Especially games from the Doom era.
Yup, the general consensus is that Half-Life was the first FPS to use WASD as the default layout for movement. Doom, Quake, and Unreal all shipped with arrow keys as the default, although I am not 100% certain about Unreal since I never played it much. Mouse look wasn't even enabled by default on many of the early games. It was always easy to tell when you were playing against keyboard-only players in Quake. For Doom, I used a 4-button Gravis Gamepad.

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Old 04-18-2016, 04:42 PM   #225
Chrissaywer Chrissaywer is offline
Expert Member
Mar 2016

The only 2 things I don't like about gaming today is company's putting more effort in to multiplayer and the studios releaseing broken games and unfinished.
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Old 05-03-2016, 12:01 AM   #226
wildhoney66 wildhoney66 is offline
Expert Member
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Jul 2010

i don't think the trophies have hurt it. i've been playing games for 28 years and though we had an intelivision sorry for the spelling. i was terrible at playing it cause the controls were utter shit. it was the 2nd Generation Model. anyways. what ruined it i think was live gaming and taking away the pleasure of playing games at your house with your friends or their house too. i used to love doing that and i still if i'm lucky still do that but not like i used to cause i prefer to play games off line.

there's that and than there's DLC which is a terrible and horrible thing to have created it's as it's been said an unfinished game that they want you to pay even more money for their product when they haven't even finished it yet!

i'm not a fan of games like Halo or to use a Throwback game from the 90's a game like Goldeneye though that one is a fun as hell game to play don't get me wrong. but i'm simply terrible at playing games like that.

i play better when i can actually see the character and what they are doing and if i'm doing it right and if someone is behind me it's easier for me to see and therefore to also play. and forcing you to play games online for certain games is pretty stupid too.

the thing is what these idiots don't think of. and no i'm not talking about fans at all but the company's. is that if you want to go back to a game 10 or 20 years from now and try to go online for certain things in certain games. you know what it's NOT going to be there because the support for it has long since finished. i can go back to any game from the 80's and 90's on any of my systems and not have to worry about having to download anything for the game.

there have already been games to use as an Example Ghostbusters from (2009) where in the strategy guide for i forget for what a certain stage or something you only get can if you go online to play it. or something i never used it so i have no idea. anyways support for that has long since stopped so why even have it?

it can be option sure but why for certain games force you? there's games i haven't bought i wanted to because it's a game that says you have to play online for. once support for those games stop like i said the game is utter worthless. that's what's hurting games. bugs in games has always been there and prolly always will be. that's not what i'm talking about either.

well you get what i'm trying to say i'm sure. sorry for the rant this stuff just pisses me off that's all.
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Old 08-02-2016, 11:59 PM   #227
jayhawkai jayhawkai is offline
Aug 2016

I just miss the LAN stuff. I want to be able to link up with another 360 or PS3 and play against or with my brother on my two TVs.
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