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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)

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Old 06-05-2019, 01:17 AM   #101
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Originally Posted by Resettito View Post
Just so everyone knows, this was shot on 2 perf 35mm which has less resolution than 3 or 4 perf. Essentially softer image, different grain structure (more present), I love 2 perf but I'm not sure there's going to be that much of a gain going to 4K unless it's a 4K DI?!
Nah. It was shot on 4-perf according to the cinematographer himself in this BC article (although in the 'making of' documentary you can clearly see an Arri camera body that says '3-perf' on it), NOT that it would make an entire world of difference vs sound offset 2-perf anyway because what you're doing is extracting the 2.39 from those extra perfs so the *final* image is only about 30% bigger because of the use of the soundtrack area. And seeing as we don't have to worry about square-shaped versions any more then I wonder why anyone would shoot flat 4-perf for a 2.39 extraction these days, you just don't need all that height and going with 3-perf still gives you loads of room to reframe in the DI. Would also save 25% of stock too.

You know what the kicker is, having watched the UHD and compared it to the BD? The UHD disc only resolves a fraction more detail than the BD, I mean the grain looks a fair bit finer in 4K but other than that the detail is a wash. It still looks gorgeously filmic for what it is, with that aforementioned gentle caress of grain, I'm just saying that the actual detail improvement is minimal despite the 4K finish and this is another very good Fox 1080p BD.

Same goes for the HDR, the image has a lovely solidity to it but in terms of what it actually does differently to the SDR version then it only uncovers a trace - and I do mean just a trace - of extra highlight detail. If anything it's the BD version that actually 'pops' MORE because the APL is higher and it's got slightly more saturated colour than the HDR, especially in the greeny lighting seen throughout the movie. Black levels are marginally denser on the BD which also contributes to giving it a more superficially contrasty look than the UHD.

And still looks classy as **** in 4K because it was shot by some talented people and they clearly wanted to maintain a continuity between the work they did and the two home video grades that are representing it. As such, it reminds me of BlacKkKlansman in the sense that while it's a quite minimal 4K HDR upgrade it's still got a lil' bit more class than the SDR version, it seems to look more textured and three-dimensional while the SDR is more vibrant on the surface of it but it feels a bit flatter.

Cracking movie though. Really enjoyed it. Loved the motif of reflections used throughout.
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Yes it's a good flick. Good acting too.
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Old 06-05-2019, 06:28 PM   #103
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I liked this a lot! I thought it was gonna be a forgettable action flick, but it was more than that.
I just watched this on On Demand and wished I'd seen it on Blu or 4K. This movie deserves the better pic and sound of those two formats.
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