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Default Found a way to test iTunes codes!

***UPDATE*** As of July 2019, the SOME of the updated versions of itunes DO WORK AGAIN. Some may still redeem your code during the process into your itunes account. Proceed with caution depending on the version you have. One sure way is to uninstall your current (new) version of itunes, and install an older version. Then, do NOT accept updates when alerted by itunes, otherwise you will just end up with the newest version again.

I am currently using version and am able to test just fine.

Some older versions:

Also to note, you can NOW ALSO TEST XML! Itunes will now state a message of either invalid code, redeemed code, or insert disc for XML codes. If it states insert disc, 9/10 times it is a GOOD CODE now. They are showing as redeemed when they are in fact redeemed. If it shows as invalid, then the code is likely expired (but I would check it on Movies Anwhere to make sure that they didn't just change the redemption platform, as many WB XML codes have shown valid there.
__________________________________________________ _______ many of you may know, you can test UV codes without an issue to make sure they work before trading etc. This is done by being logged out of your Vudu account/Flixter/whatever, and entering the code. If it asks you to log in, code is good....if not, code is used or typed wrong.

This step by step will show you how to test itunes codes without redeeming them into your account. This has only been tested on Windows based PC's, but if you can append this with how to test on Mac, please do so.

First thing to do is, open iTunes. In the upper left corner, click the drop-down menu and go to preferences as shown below:

In the preferences, click on the Store Tab. Ensure that "Always Check for Available Downloads" is checked. Confirm your edits by hitting ok.

Select on itunes Store on the upper right hand side of the screen if you are not already there

Select the redeem button for entering your code. You are usually prompted for your login info here, go ahead and log into your account. At this point, you will have the standard redemption box.

Now that you have itunes set up and ready, you will want to open Task Manager in Windows. The easiest way to do this is to right click anywhere on the Start bar, and scroll down to Task Manager

Once the Box is open, you will want to select on the Processes tab at the top.

Next, you will want to organize the list of items so that the itunes Process is easier to find. Do this by clicking on the Image Name bar so that it alphabetizes the list. Now, scroll down to where you see the process itunes.exe. Once you see where that is located, we are ready to begin the actual testing process.

Go Back into your itunes redemption window, and input the code that you would like to test. Click the Redeem button, but DO NOT select anything on any dialog boxes that show up. Typically you would likely select Download by second nature. DO NOT SELECT DOWNLOAD OR LATER. Now, if the code is redeemed, it will still give the appropriate redeemed message under the redemption box. IF it is invalid or incorrectly typed, it will state invalid under the redemption box as normal. IF, HOWEVER, you have a Dialog box pop up as in the image below, that indicates that the code is VALID.


Once you confirm you have a valid code, click back over to Task Manager (itunes and the small dialog box will still be open in the background). Scroll down to the itunes.exe process and right click. Select "End Process" and confirm when the dialog box pops up.

At this point, you have successfully stopped itunes from fully redeeming the code, and it is still valid for use. You can test the code again and see that the same dialog box will pop up, and just repeat the process to cancel this redemption to retain the code for future use.

**I am not responsible for accidental redemption**

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