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Old 03-25-2019, 11:12 PM   #1
mar3o mar3o is online now
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Paramount Paramount no longer releasing 3D blu-rays

It appears that Paramount in no longer releasing 3D blu-rays, according to a post I read in another thread. Somebody asked Paramount in an email about an upcoming title in 3D and they confirmed that they are no longer releasing 3D blu-rays. This seems to be true as Bumblebee has no 3D blu-ray release anywhere worldwide.

For this reason I no longer support buying discs from Paramount. People should have a choice. Sometimes I prefer UHD and sometimes I prefer 3D. It depends on the technical merits of each presentation. But to drop an active format that people are still supporting? Do they think everyone has just thrown away their 3D TVs? My 2016 3D TV isn't going anywhere for a long time hopefully.

I will continue to support the studios that give us a choice. Disney is getting close to being on my black list too, but at least they are still releasing 3D in the UK. I'm sure nobody cares an iota, but I cannot support a company that thinks so little of their customers as to kill a format they know many are still using and supporting. They clearly have an agenda to kill 3D and push UHD. The harder they push, the more people will push back. I feel dirty even supporting UHD as much as I do, considering their treatment of 3D.

The funny thing is, when the studios were supporting 3D/4k combos for a brief period last year, I was a big supporter of it,a nd bought several. There have been several titles lately that I have wanted both 3D and 4k, but unless I import a France 3D/4k combo, I would have to buy both separate US releases. Instead, I buy 3D and skip UHD, when I'd pay more for the combo if they game me the choice to.

Now it looks like Paramount isn't even giving me the option of buying 3D at all.

Aquaman just got a US 3D release from Warner (Thank you!!). Yet it's the only format without the IMAX ratio!! WHY?!?

And why does France continue to get 3D/4k combos and not the US? I'm sick of this UHD agenda in the US. It's about to start saving me a lot of money because I'm going to buying a lot less discs if this is how it's going to continue. Which is a shame because I have shelves and shelves of discs from DVD to blu-ray to 3D to UHD, box sets and special editions from all regions, and it would be nice to continue supporting the studios. But they don't seem to care one bit about the consumer.

Yet they continue to sell DVDs. When was the last time you saw a standard definition TV in a retail store?
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