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Old 09-13-2019, 09:35 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Doctorossi View Post
1. You're calling it a "huge" difference and I'm the one having trouble with hyperbole?

2. What on Earth makes you infer that I don't care? I absolutely care (as evidenced by my being here, talking about it). I'm describing Disney's historic practices, not my own level of interest/particularity.
1. You don't understand when I'm being hyperbole.
2. Disney never made one of the created at 1.33:1 and presented at 1.75:1 in a 1.85:1 because it is over cropping, usually they were released in 1.66:1 (as a compromise between the two aspect ratios) or 1.75:1 (the screening aspect ratio) or at most 1.78 (to fit TV screens), so I don't know what "historic practices" you are referring to.
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Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place...

Originally Posted by farerb View Post
There must be a mistake. It also says the Aspect Ratio is 1.85:1. Disney would be insane if they released the 1967 Jungle Book in that aspect ration. I know it says it's the 1967 film, but I have my doubts based on Disney not really releasing any of pre 1989 films on the format.
Please ignore the 1.85:1 ratio - it is incorrect. This is simply a retailer listing erroneous info. A future release of the 1967 version of the Jungle Book will not be released in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio as it was never framed for that ratio. (However, the 2016 Favreau remake was framed at 1.85:1.)

Jungle Book was animated at 1.33:1 while protected for up to 1.75:1 (though it does feel cramped at that ratio.) See the posts in my signature for more information on this title. Therefore either ratio could be considered correct. The 1967 film has been released in both ratios on home video and theatrically as well. (There are those that will prefer one ratio or the other, to be sure.)

The full 1.33:1 ratio version of the film was restored digitally in 2K by the now defunct Lowry Digital last decade - it was matted to 1.75:1 for it's Platinum and Diamond releases. Early trailers of the Diamond Edition actually show the full 1.33:1 ratio that was not released. The limited Issue DVD presents the full 1.33:1 animted ratio, but predates the Lowry restoration. The Lowry Digital transfer is definitely not 4K ready and if upscaled would significantly lack detail.

However the original 4K preservation of this film from the successive exposure negative (which was created after the Diamond Edition was released) would need to be used to create a new 4K restoration in the digital realm.

You will likely see both versions of Jungle Book released in 4K closely together with a similar release pattern for Beauty and the Beast and it's remake.


I've seen you post a lot of questions throughout the forums on this. Some of them have stated you are worried or have doubts that we will see any Walt Disney Era titles released in the 4K format.

Every Disney animated title has been preserved in 4K or higher. (Even the likely never-to-be-seen-again Song of the South.) Not every film has been restored at 4K. Restorations on the film-based titles each have ancillary budgets, schedules and plans that coincide with marketing initiatives. In addition, different film stocks, photographic techniques and animation styles mean different films require different approaches.

Keep in mind it took nearly a decade for all the animated titles in the library to come to DVD and even longer for Blu-ray. (A few Animated titles still aren't even available on Blu-ray, such as Melody Time, Make Mine Music and Black Cauldron.)

You will see the majority of the 50 animated classics released in higher resolutions either digitally on Disney+ and/or on discs over the next several years as these are popular perennial classics.

The reason you are seeing a major avalanche of titles right now is simple. All titles released thus far are all-digital and simply require upscaling and HDR color passes from either CAPS files or digital animation files that simply don't require the time consuming clean-up and restoration efforts that their legacy film-based counterparts do.

There is only one exception to this: Mermaid - which had a 4K restoration very early - it was completed back in late 2012/early 2013 for delivery to the the 3D conversion which was cancelled theatrically but released on home video in 2013.

Live action titles that are film-based are on the way to. The 1994 Santa Clause was released Tuesday and looks excellent.
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farerb (09-13-2019), gkolb (09-14-2019)
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Out 16.01.2020 with the normal BD by

Deutsch DTS-HD HR 7.1
Englisch DTS-HD MA 7.1
Italienisch DD 5.1
Polnisch DD 5.1
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