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Old 10-25-2017, 01:16 AM   #1
GrayFox787 GrayFox787 is offline
Active Member
Oct 2012
Default Looking for new media shelves...

So, I'm fixing to move out of an apartment and in to my first home, and my wife and I both agree that I could use some new media shelves. What I currently have are 4 Atlantic Oskar shelves (756 cd capacity; 60.5 in. x 37.5 in. X 6 in.)...2 of the old model with the thicker, fuller shelves, and 2 of the new design when Atlantic changed the shelves to save on production and shipping costs.

What I am looking for is something fairly close to these, but taller. Realistically, I would like for them to be in the 7 ft. range as far as height, and approx. the same width and depth (37.5 in. and 6 in., respectively...though a slightly longer width is fine). I also would prefer it if they can accommodate upright DVD or Blu-ray cases on every shelf (the Oskar have one shelf that cannot be used for either due to fixed middle shelf and the length between peg holes for shelves).

I have a Billy bookcase from IKEA that I use for video games, and it is only gripe is that shelves are far too deep for my liking (I would prefer the cases be flush with the walls of the shelves, or no more than a half-inch recessed...there's a full 5 inches between a PS4 case and the edge of the shelf on my Billy...way too much.

Other things to consider:

-Would prefer either black or dark brown color.
-As indicated by the dimensions desired, I would prefer the storage capacity to be significantly higher than an Atlantic shelves are overfilled, and my collection isn't going to stop growing.
-Looking to get 4 shelves in the desired dimensions; hoping to keep it under $750 after shipping...definitely under $1,000.
-I am located in the United States.
-Solid, sturdy construction preferred (I consider the Oskar to be pretty good considering 2 of the shelves are about 10 years old and have survived about 5 apartment moves; I think the IKEA Billy is sturdier, though.
-Prefer shelves like the Oskar as opposed to Billy (the shorter length of each individual shelf makes them far less prone to bowing).

Does anyone have any reccomendations and/or places to start? I have only been to IKEA a few times...maybe there is a shelf like the Billy that isn't as deep?

Any help is appreciated...I can provide photos of the current setup for reference (or just ogling) if desired.

Thanks, all!
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Old 10-25-2017, 01:26 AM   #2
GrayFox787 GrayFox787 is offline
Active Member
Oct 2012

I guess I might have already solved my own dilemma...apparently there's a 72in. tall Atlantic Oskar...I guess I could go with those...
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Old 10-25-2017, 06:07 AM   #3
Aidenag Aidenag is offline
Expert Member
Aidenag's Avatar
Jan 2010

In your price range, you might consider a custom build from a local to you woodworker. Can get it exactly as you want it that way. And shouldn't break the bank so long as your not getting fancy with materials.

Im building a 1500 movie setup myself right now out of steel and walnut for my new house to match the industrial reclaimed look ive been building out all summer and now fall. Looked for months at production models and didnt like anything i saw so said screw it, bust out the welder and table saw and making this thing a work of nerd art.

Last edited by Aidenag; 10-25-2017 at 06:13 AM.
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Thanks given by:
CtrlCtrlFast (10-25-2017)
Old 10-25-2017, 06:17 AM   #4
Clark Kent Clark Kent is offline
Blu-ray Prince
Clark Kent's Avatar
Oct 2007

Atlantic used to make some phenomenal media shelving but once they went smaller on their line with cheaper material, their stuff has never been the same.
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Old 10-25-2017, 11:13 AM   #5
CtrlCtrlFast CtrlCtrlFast is online now
Special Member
CtrlCtrlFast's Avatar
Feb 2014

i too built my own and it came out really well. imo, the only way to go. six feet tall two by fours, with one by strips, every eight inches from the bottom. pics in gallery.
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