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Old 07-27-2019, 12:55 AM   #21
Mao Mao is offline
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Jul 2009

Originally Posted by tommygunz View Post
Go on ebay and snatch up a epson 5030ub 3d projector. It's a beast!!!
Thanks, but looking for a little cheaper...
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Old 07-27-2019, 10:30 PM   #22
BluTracer BluTracer is online now
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Sep 2009

I've been pleased with the Benq W1070 bought it used from Amazon.

Picked up an extra lamp from Benq direct and used topcash to help reduce the overall cost. The genuine lamps can be pricey but, everything I've read they have a longer life than the 3rd party lamps and have read some reviews on the 3rd party lamps damaging the projector.

I have mine mounted on the ceiling feeding it from a Denon receiver using HDMI. There are multiple inputs on the back of the projector but, I'm only using HDMI so can't comment on the other inputs. See this link for a pic of the back.

The keystone adjustment is fairly basic so it takes time getting the position of the projector takes some time. Since it is mounted once I got it where it works best never mess with it again.

My only complaint and I don't know if it has to do with this model or a problem just with my unit. The blue images can be over powering and washed out.

For 3D it works great.

Originally Posted by Mao View Post
Preparing for the future when my Samsung 3D set goes bye-bye.

Looking at picking up an inexpensive projector to put downstairs in my dedicated home theater room. I already have an older projection TV with mediocre 3D (slower refresh rate equals annoying flicker).

These BenQs really seem to be great quality and affordable.

Knowing nothing about 3D projectors (I have an old Optima portable projector that's still kicking - use it outside for backyard movie nights), I'm looking to spend $1-2k. 4K is of little concern to me since I'll mainly be watching 3D Blus on it. I'm also partial to active glasses.

-Does 3D Ready mean 3D out of the box? Would I still need an emitter like my older projection TV.

-Can most of these be mounted to the ceiling and still have audio wires run to a deck up near the screen? Does it have to be HDMI audio or can I use component cords (yes, I'm in the dark ages with audio, but sound is not my priority if I can crank up a nice DTS track)?

-Speaking of ceiling mounts, this would probably be pointed down. Assuming keystone controls would fill out a screen?

I see some used BenQ W1070, but since they are discontinued (and used), am I getting into a nightmare should I need replacement bulbs, parts, etc?

Any help would be appreciated...I'm just lost at where to start. Thank you!
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Old 08-01-2019, 04:56 PM   #23
fingersdlp fingersdlp is offline
Apr 2007

I also posted this in the other thread you asked - but just in case here it is in duplicate:

So I tested a BENQ 2150ST and TH671ST just for 3D purposes. I got the TH671ST as it was a fair bit brighter in 3D mode. This is a very short throw so it only sits a few feet from the screen. I have another projector in my theater room for all other viewing. Just use this for 3D. The color wheel on the TH671ST allows more white brightness at the expense of color fidelity but when viewing thru shutter glasses brightness is king and I find the colors to be very good. This color wheel will show more rainbow effect - but I do not see it and I am not sensitive but there are some that are and the color wheel on the 2150st would be better for them (and the 2D picture is better as well). Another thing I like about the TH671ST is the DLP Link uses the white segment of the wheel I believe and there is no red tint that can happen with a RGBRGB wheel that uses Red for the synch flash. For the low price this sells for it has been a good purchase for my 3D viewing in my theater room. This projector works out of the box for 3D - all you need is DLP link glasses (triple flash). 3D is also at 144Hz (72 Hz per eye) so there is no flicker or other artifacts from a lower refresh rate. My choices were limited to very short throws and there are other projectors that do well with different throw lengths. The TK800M is a good candidate for a 4K projector that does 3D. It is bright enough that you have to be careful on the glasses (BENQ work) as some 3rd party glasses don't like the brightness of the flashes (can be fixed with a piece of tape over the sensor). Just what I read on that - no first hand experience.

I will add that you should get a DLP projector if you want zero cross talk. 3 LCD or LCOS, etc will show cross talk on some content. Some care more about this than others. For example I have a JVC RS 520 LCOS and it does 3D very well but my cheap DLP does it better.
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Old 08-26-2019, 01:21 AM   #24
Mao Mao is offline
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Jul 2009

Setting this up and trying to get it mounted asap! Have tested it in my surroundings and it's perfect.

Before I run everything, I have another question.

Other than Blu Ray, I'm running another HDMI from an Apple TV to the projector. My question is audio. This Apple TV has no audio outputs, of course. Given the outputs on the back of the projector, it looks like the only audio connection I could use to listen to audio for Apple TV would be the headphone jack run back to the audio deck.

Is this acceptable? Or is there something with my technology challenged mind I'm not understanding?
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Old 08-30-2019, 03:56 PM   #25
chrisp32 chrisp32 is offline
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Sep 2017

I posted on here a little while back about a strange issue I had with my W1070, that only affected 3D playback (a thick band appeared at the top of the image in certain scenes).

I eventually took it back to the shop (it was still under warranty), who sent it off for repair. I didn't hear back for around 2 months so contacted the shop for an update and was told today, apologetically, that a fault had been found with the optical board and the unit had been disposed of! Without reference to me no less.

I am slightly ticked off because (a) they had no right to dispose of my property without my consent (faulty or not) and (b) the W1070 is no longer available. I rather wonder whether they have lost it / damaged it themselves and would prefer not to own up to it ...

However, putting to one side any grievance I might have with the shop/repair service, what would people recommend as a good equivalent projector, in around the same price range?

3D capability is essential and I was very impressed with the quality of the 3D on the W1070, so it needs to be at least as good as that (and work with the same 3D glasses, of which I have four pairs). I'd need to check the model of 3D glasses although I remember they came in a box with "proudly made in the USA" or the like on them.

I'm currently projecting from a distance of about 2.5m (would need to check to be sure) onto a 106" screen, so it would need to be able to achieve the same.

A quick look at the BenQ website suggests that the W1050 might be similar, but I haven't had chance to research properly.
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