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Old 09-23-2019, 06:41 PM   #1
cawilli cawilli is offline
Active Member
Feb 2010
Default Complete newbie/novice/starter question about Home Theater Headphones

Hey guys

I'm looking for a se of headphones (wireless preferably) that I can use with my home theater and also connect through bluetooth to an ipod, iphone, etc. Do products like this exist? I've googled a bit but havent got a definite answer. Ideally I could purchasea something that could be used at night with my receiver to watch movies, etc., but could also be used other ways, such as through bluetooth with my separate ipod.

Any help is appreciated. I dont really have a budget or anything decided upon yet, I'm just curious of the tech. I'm still curious how wireless headphones work with home theaters, the sensors, etc. Also I would be curious on peoples opinions on 5.1 wireless headphones.

Again, I'm a total novice and would love some opinions from people in the know.

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Old 11-05-2019, 06:09 AM   #2
Devin317 Devin317 is offline
New Member
Mar 2019

Just to piggy back off this thread if I could, I have the same question, except I would like to add that I'm looking for what you are looking for a blutooth wireless headset but with Surround sound, an inline mic and a receiver with optical in and hdmi jacks.

I don't game anymore but the last decent headset I had was an Astro wireless A40 set from 2010. It had optical in and 5.1 DD and DTS which was the rage back then and hdmi jacks so I loved it. I missed being able to swap my optical cables from my roku, ps4, and blu ray player like I used to. And ever since the headset broke, I only am using my cheap roku stereo ear buds through the roku remote which eats batteries fast! What I'm looking for is a 7.1 (I think Or whatever the norm is now with dolby and dts) wireless surround sound headset with a mic (but not a boom mic) that connect to my equipment via optical in. I also want it to support blutooth so I can pick up calls on the phone and use it with my phone and chromebook.

I apologise for piggy backing off of your thread but our questions were just too similar and since I've been out of the tech loop for a few years, I'm a noob too.

Hope this ok, and I hope we both can find our answers!

If anyone could help me out too that would be appreciated.
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