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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)
Old 08-22-2020, 06:53 AM   #1
wormraper wormraper is offline
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Aug 2007
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Default Headphones without an external amp

Looking at getting a secondary set of headphones for casual viewing, and since I'm so ignorant of cans, I figured I'd ask here.

Here's what I'm looking for and what I'm going to do.

1. Budget, under $200.. $100-$150 if I can keep it there with sales.
2. Don't want to need an external amp as this is going to be multi use.
3. Going to be using it to plug into a roku remote for night listening, basic computer use, plug into a phone, and plug into my "dumb" (non bluetooh) TV if the cord is long enough so I don't piss my wife off watching TV at 2:30 am.

as I mentioned, I'm really not looking for a set of cans that has a lot of impedance and needs to be amp driven, but really just something that sounds nice for casual viewing and I don't mind paying more than the crappy $30 headphones from Mpow and skull candy that I've used up until now (both blue tooth and for the uses I want I can't connect via BT, which is why I want wired).

oh, one big plus is that it HOPEFULLY (not a dealbreaker if it doesn't) has replacable cords like the Senn 569/599 series as I have cats and have lost a few headphones over the years to said floof balls when they see a dangling cord (I'm usually good about putting the cord back out of reach, but sometimes i've forgotten). that way I can just replace the cables instead of a $150 headset.

I've been looking at the Senn 569 due to the 23 ohm impedance, meaning it could be easily driven and maybe the 599, but wasn't sure if the 50 ohm impedance would make it harder to drive off of things like the roku remote for night listening etc.

any advice? any brands I'm not familiar with (I just know sennheiser = good usually which is why I was looking at them)

mostly movie use, + some music on my comp when I'm bored. I'm not looking for miracles out of pennies, just the best bang I can get in that range if you know what I mean.

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Old 08-22-2020, 02:22 PM   #2
Scarriere Scarriere is offline
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Sep 2008
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V-Moda's Crossfade LP2 is within your budget.

I have their XS and like them a lot.
Those LP2's have 50mm drivers which is great if you like bass.
If I were looking for over-ear headphones, I'd give them a serious listen.
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Thanks given by:
wormraper (08-22-2020)
Old 09-22-2020, 12:49 AM   #3
Vracer111 Vracer111 is offline
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Feb 2011

For general use I'd personally recommend Koss Porta Pros with Yaxi pads and Parts Express headband - inexpensive, sound great out of anything, very comfortable... Prefer them to both my stock and modded Sennheiser HD58X, and they are as loved as my Fostex TH-X00 Purplehearts. Like the HD58X and HD6XX/650 Sennheisers, but love the Porta Pros and TH-X00 Purplehearts.

Best $50 you could EVER spend on a headphones...

If you need to reach TV just get long 3.5mm extension cables.

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Old 10-16-2020, 09:07 PM   #4

the best
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