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Default Audeze iSINE10 - Planar Magnetic (!) inner ear monitors

For about a month now, there's been some buzz about the upcoming planar magnetic earbuds/cans that are soon to be released.
The price point is very competitive, considering you are getting PLANAR sound. There are two models coming out: The iSINE10 (cheaper model) and the iSINE20 (expensiver).

Their website gives the best amount of info about it for now.

iSINE20 link:

iSINE10 link:

I am quite curious to hear (hehe) what people have to say about them.

They are quite large, but I think that actually kind of adds to the appeal. Will they be awkward while wearing them? Very curious...
I still have my Westone 4r (discontinued) that I've had for 5 or 6 years. I tend to gravitate to the Shure SE535s the most. I love those things.
As for the Sennheiser ie800s that I have... they are light as hell, but the earbuds it comes with SUCK. Can't get a seal on them, and they aren't over-the-ear style, meaning they fall out and lose their position very easily. I got the TSX-500 Comply earbuds... the comfort is good, and the sound of the earbuds are about 1000x better. However, every time I remove them from my ears, the Comply buds are too loose for the earbud posts, and they fall off/stick in my ear canal. Annoying. And why didn't Sennheiser include memory foam tips with their packaging? For that price, it's really not worth getting.

I was considering investing in the Shure SE846, but I may hold off for a while and wait for reviews on these earbuds. If I have a chance to listen... even better!

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