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Old 11-22-2018, 08:08 AM   #1
x7q3 x7q3 is offline
Active Member
Mar 2018
Default Does anyone else love State of Decay?

The original State of Decay is one of my favorite video games. I love the sense of community, and the fact you have to find supplies like weapons, medicine, materials to build more structures at your Home Base, etc. It is a really good survival game.

However, there are things I would like to see added to it. I wish your Home Base had more things to do in it, side activities like playing pool, darts, cards, etc. I wish the survivors among you were more chatty, and talked to each other more. The survivors also need more distinct personalities and appearances.

There also needs to be a massively multiplayer online mode. For example, hundreds of online survivors against the computer (the zombies). Just imagine hundreds of online players at the Home Base, working together, bringing back supplies, completing missions, doing their own things, etc. Another online mode could be like a Free Roam, where there's no goals, just do whatever you want on the map, all the while the zombies are roaming the map.

I love what's in State of Decay. But my mind can't help but dream of the possibilities. The possibilities are practically unlimited to improve the game. Things that make the game more immersive, interactive, fun, realistic, etc. I would also love to see durable, dependable vehicles in it, where you come to truly love and rely on your vehicle, and for it to take a lot of serious damage before becoming completely unusable, along with the ability to repair them with hand tools. I hope State of Decay 3 adds these things I mentioned. What do you want in State of Decay 3?

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Old 11-22-2018, 04:41 PM   #2
Derb Derb is offline
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Sep 2008
Vancouver, B.C.

I got into this game first on Xbox One.

While all the Zombie games were making their rounds & was “popular” at the time.

Despite the obvious (no next gen graphics & slight bugs here & there) the game was a great open world with fun game mechanics. Character commentary was a bit dumb but very minor complaint for what the value you got. Invested some good chunks of hours into this game.

Was hyped a sequel was coming, but State of Decay 2 was basically a re-skinned Cash-grab. I agree though this game had potential to become a great series.
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Old 11-29-2018, 02:06 PM   #3
emailking emailking is offline
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Aug 2015

I didn't play the first one. I got State of Decay 2. Put about 5 hours into it and decided I didn't really like it. Just wasn't my thing I guess.
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