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Default Omega Labyrinth - Rougelike RPG Where Boobs Grow By Battle

D3 Publisher, recently known for titles such as Bullet Girls and the Onechanbara games, announced their latest title as Omega Labyrinth, a game where you’ll “go on a chest-expanding adventure, in a new chest-measuring wonderful roguelike.”

While we still don’t have any other details as far as gameplay or story goes, Omega Labyrinth is in development by Matrix Software, known as the developers that brought various Final Fantasy ports to smartphone and Nintendo DS. The character designs are done by Wadatsumi.

More details on Omega Labyrinth will be revealed in next week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

Omega Labyrinth is in development for PlayStation Vita.

D3 Publisher recently announced their newest title called Omega Labyrinth, a roguelike game where you’ll go on a “chest-expanding adventure,” and according to this week’s issue of Dengkei PlayStation, they meant that literally.

The first details are about the game’s “Omega Power” system. By charging this power, the chest of the character you’re controlling will gradually grow, and eventually burst her outfit, which somehow damages the enemy.

Chest size increases status, and once it reaches its peak it activates the “Chest Burst” mode, which further increases the character’s status. Points acquired through dungeons can be used to purchase or appraise items.

Unknown items found in dungeons can be appraised through the “Boob Appraisal” system, where you put the item between the breasts of a character to have it appraised. The “Torture Aroma” items acquired in dungeons are used to make a girl go in an excited state, as part of a touch screen element.

In addition to your leader character, you’ll get to take along one other as their partner. Since it’s a roguelike game, if they’re defeated then they’ll both lose their equipment.

Here’s a look at some of the characters:

Aina Akemiya (CV: Haruka Yamazaki):

Aina is the protagonist who wishes to increase her breast size, and she’ll do so by taking on dangerous dungeons in search for the “Holy Grail of Beauty” that is said to grant any wish.

Nako Mimomo (CV: Aya Uchida):

Aina’s best friend who is always seems to find herself in trouble. She even gets lost while exploring dungeons.

Saeri Souja (CV: M.A.O.):

Saeri is a cool and smart girl, and she’s also a quarter-Russian. Aina says she’s like a ninja, so she gave her the scarf that she wears.

Omega Labyrinth will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation Vita. First-print bonuses include a couple equipment items.

Omega Labyrinth is an upcoming roguelike by D3 Publisher, where you’ll go an adventure in order to make protagonist Aina Akemiya’s wish of breast enlargement come true. The official website shares a first look at the game, along with its first-print bonus items.

The above is a look at the mighty “Electric Massager Lance,” which is said to have the shape of something that requires a bit of courage to buy, and once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop.

The “Hip Shield” is a shield that has the warmth and softness of skin when you touch it. The two come bundled together as a set as part of the first-print bonus for the game.

Since Omega Labyrinth is a roguelike game, when your leader character and partner gets defeated in the dungeon, they both lose their equipment; however, if you lose the Electric Massager Lance or Hip Shield, they can be repurchased at the game, so you won’t have to worry about losing them for good.

As previously reported, you’ll find rare unidentified items throughout the game’s dungeons that’ll need to be appraised through the “Boob Appraisal” system, where you put the item between the breasts of a character to find out what it is.

Omega Labyrinth will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

Omega Labyrinth is an upcoming roguelike RPG by D3 Publisher, that will set you out on a “chest-expanding” adventure, literally. 4Gamer’s latest update shows us more on how the chest-expanding system works, along with a look at how you’ll appraise loot in the game.

Similar to other roguelike RPGs, the dungeon’s maps, monsters, and items change each time you go in. Your level will also reset upon each entrance, and when your health hits 0, you’ll lose all your items.

When taking on dungeons, you’ll have to select a your leader and partner character. Partners can equip weapons and armor, and will fight by your side in the dungeon. The partner will also lose their items if you fail the dungeon.

Upon defeating a monster, the girls gain what’s called “Omega Power.” The Omega Power is stored in their breasts, and the more they accumulate, the larger they become. When a character’s cup size increases, they’ll get an additional status up besides what they get from leveling.

Once you reach the maximum size, a “Chest Burst” mode activates, and the character’s status will vastly increase while on that floor of the dungeon. Once you leave the dungeon, the character’s breast size goes back to normal, but you can use the acquired Omega Power to purchase items, for appraisals, and to increase their status.

The “Faint in Agony X Awakening” system teaches characters new skills and increases their status. By using a “Torture Aroma” item acquired in a dungeon, you can make a girl go in an excited state, and begin to hallucinate a little.

While in this state, you’ll get to partake in a touch screen mini-game to have them increase their Omega Power and increase their status. Depending on the situations and the girls, they’ll have their “sweet spots” that further increases their Omega Power.

By further increasing their excited state, you’ll the “Faint in Agony” mode, which basically makes their entire body a sweet spot. And finally, if you use a special item while in this state, they’ll enter a “Shyness Break” mode, which gives them a different appearance during this moment.

Omega Labyrinth takes one from the boobs—er, books of Senran Kagura with their “Boob Appraisal” system. When you get an item with an unknown name and effect, you’ll get them in the form of an “Unknown Crystal.”

These are appraised by using Omega Power, and putting the crystal between the breasts of one of the girls. This uses up the Omega Power that’s been stored in their breasts in order to have it appraised.

This feature can be used by any character, but you’ll also get to appraise all of the Unknown Crystals at once, or skip the appraisal scene.

Omega Labyrinth will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.
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