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Old 11-02-2019, 03:53 PM   #361
Si Parallel Universe Si Parallel Universe is offline
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Apr 2015
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I just bought a Pioneer SXN30AE and I can't seem to find a stable way to keep the speakers connected. The speakers I have at the moment (just a straight Stereo set up currently) are Mordant Shorts that when connected reproduce sound very beautifully and I'm sure they will as the Front Left and Right speakers when I expand my set up. I'm on a budget you see.

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Old 11-05-2019, 09:54 PM   #362
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
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Mar 2017
Wink Cheaper, more directionally avcurate system - heafphone surround.

Hello home theater virgins. Since we're equating surround sound to snuggling,. I'm coming out and saying that my Virgin experience would be akin to homosexuality.

in 2009 when we got our new TV we asked TV installer how much it would cost to add surround sound to our room. It is very asymmetric, witj a one-way sloping ceiling, a window on one side, and an island in the middle on the other side. Big mess.

Our TV installer told us in 2009 it would cost five figures the balance the room rate for surround sound
and later I found out if we had gone with that only one person could be optimized for surround sound. Everyone else would have a distorted audio field.

About a year or two ago I have a personal friend who competed twice on national TV playing video games. He won a Spike TV show known as Life to the Power of X, lar parlayed that into an appearance on the first season of wcg ultimate gamer. His name is Jamal "Zophar321" Nickens.

What is the sponsors of the show was tritton headphones, a typical gaming headphone company who's currently out of business. Since Jamal had experience gaming with headphones, and since he was considered elite enough to appear on that show I asked him his opinion.

he said he could hear people when they shoot or run too fast I could tell what direction they are in and where they're going blind without seeing them and can more accurately turn and shoot at them in a first person shooter. so then I asked them if you want to watch movies in surround sound, and if the main reason why you're buying surround system is to accurately hear directions of things relatives the screen, you're saying headphones to a good job. And he said you never tried it with movies but games yes. You'll get something to enhance her games and who knows you might be lucky and get good surround sound in movies.

Shortly I saved up for Turtle Beach surround equipment because it sounded more promising for the same amount of money. 7.1 as opposed to 5.1.

What I listen to DVDs they sound awesome,. And a lot of the early blu-rays to sounded good. But as time went on things sounded less and less convincing. I did my research and found out why.

Turtle Beach headphones take a Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 surround track, and down mix it to a two-track mix which sounds like 3D surround if you're listening in headphones. But if not sounds like a typical two-track cereal mix.

the problem comes in when you're dealing with DTS movies and lpcm movies (yes Apocalypto was an LPCM movie because they only had one audio language: ancient Mayan.)

The lpcm conversion is easy to explain. The fit on a toslink cable they down mixed it to two tracks in the Blu Ray player.

The DTS is a little trickier. The Xbox 360 and PS3 head options to convert DTS into Dolby. I tried plugging this in the testing Port of a regular Blu-ray player and if I DTS movie came up the player played silent. It had no idea what to do with DTS code so it just shut up.

also the DTs movies didn't sound as good even if I did turn on the converter with either a game player or a movie player. The directional accuracy was suspect at best in the DTS movies.

Later when we got an Xbox One S I bought an app called the Dolby Atmos headphone app. the good news is for Atmos movies it sounds awesome with any pair of headphones. The bad news is that again, movies encoded in DTS, LPCM, and surprisingly older Dolby forms like 5.1 and 7.1, did not seem mixed right for headphones.

I also tried an alternative headphone a Sony surround headphone. It can natively process both Dolby and DTS. the problem is the surround virtualizer is not that convincing directionalwise.

if the main reason why you're getting a big speaker package is to get directional accuracy in your surround, dead as far as I'm concerned the surround system is good enough.

I had two big improvements because of surround headphones. When was Sonic Lost world for the Wii U and then head Dolby encoding pre included. Andis apple juice boss I had to intercept before he went halfway around an apple globe. I knew that I could hear him where he was when he fired. And I could accurately trace the direction.

Before I was just trying to generally circumnavigate the globe, but I couldn't guarantee where was. but with Dobby headphones I was able to hear each shot gradually change by few degrees, and I adjusted my course and I intercepted him before he reached the other Apple.

Also Nintendo uses a weird proprietary technique of taking a soundtrack and pre mixing it as a headphone soundtrack. This dates back to the Genesis vs. SNES days.

Sega put their money on what would now be considered a sound bar, that is stereo speakers that mix the sound surround when communal, to make it sound like surround when coming from two speakers. The other big sponsor this Capcom use it for their arcade machines. I could not hear any three-dimensionality behind the sounds.

Nintendo choose the other option headphone surround. which is weird because the first model of Genesis had a 3.5 mm headphone jack,. a Nintendo kind of forced you to do weird things or to access the headphone like going through a surround sound box. A lot of SNES and newer Nintendo systemed games usually had three options for sound, mono stereo and headphone.

All Dolby and Turtle Beach and Triton did was use the same principles of the SNES but use a Dolby 5.1 source and genericized it.

By the way I noticed some weird properties of Dolby headphone mixes that might help the amateur video producer.

If I piped the audio through a processor and then pipe that into the audio left right of the DVD recorder, assuming you're listening in headphones the surround sound aspect is captured and maintain forever. Likewise twitch streams which pipe the post converted audio into the stream make sure here in three dimensions the game audio.

Finally there was one practical purpose why Turtle Beach connect to use as headphones. It's meant for one person at a time. So I'd experimented and found to work around so that multiple people can listen to the same sounds. what is making sure the USB connectors do not put to each other in a data continuous way. Meaning One USB was connected into a AC power adapter the other one in another AC power adapter and the fact going from data to electricity the data loses the data aspect of the USB. So now we got to headphones working together broadcast in same signal on USB.

Then I found an FM transmitter, tune into station that was either weak or static in my area, tune a radio receiver in the same frequency, and I got surround sound through FM.

going to vote now turning off my phone so I'm saving the post for the continuing when I'm done voting. Stay tuned
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Old 11-05-2019, 11:07 PM   #363
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
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Mar 2017

I'm back.

I was originally posting about headphones on or the LaserDisc database. No one on their new about Dolby headphones. They did give me some useful information on a Dolby AC3 RF converter, which converts analog grooves of sound in the right track of a laser discs into a surround sound track. You need that for anything what do you use communal speaker, a soundbar or headphones.

Did I notice something weird,. A lot of people say DTS is superior to Dolby hence why it's on 70% of my blu rays, get when I played DTS disc on either my Playstation 3 or my Xbox One S it sounds average, compared to Dolby.

And the fact that a lot of 3D releases split the soundtrack between Atmos on 2D and DTS 7.1 on 3D makes me choose whether I want 3D sound or 3D vision. I can't have both.

Is this a snobbery thing to prefer DTS over Dobby because for my purpose this is DTS is silent on a nine-game the machine and inferior when converting to Dolby to use with my headphone adapter.

I want my DTS movies to sound awesome. But they can't given the current state of equipment I have. the Turtle Beach external adapter only works a Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 movies. The Xbox One Dolby Atmos headphone adapter only works with Dolby Atmos movies. I have nothing that's headphone equivalent that works with DTS 5.1 7.1 and X or lpcm 5.1 and 7.1.

remember can you dual speakers are not an option because the room is very asymmetric which can only tune for one person. plus he got cats like to chew wires so therefore wire should be avoided if possible.

First of all about audio transmission formats. Xbox uses a proprietary one for their headphones everyone else uses Bluetooth. 2 questions about Bluetooth audio. I heard that there was a significant delay in the sink between audio and video,. Or if they saved up audio and video then the game would lag behind even further. Second thing I heard about Bluetooth is only one to one meaning one listener for one source. Does Bluetooth have a local broadcast mode sort of like plugging an FM transmitter into the sound source or is fmu only way I can transmit that? Plus surrounds encoded soundtracks only need two tracks of audio for it to work versus I don't know what to do to transmit surround on Bluetooth.

Why doesn't anyone make a device which takes HDMI and toslink sound in and just process it and its corresponding headphone code and transmit the headphone code on a two-track FM station that doesn't broadcast in your area.

That would be like a hundred bucks for this device if you could do all formats from Pro logic to Atmos and DTS X. also all you need to do to receive the signal is just buy a any pair of headphones be an FM radio digitally tuned to the station add c batteries to run it. You can literally pick up a Walkman from the store and turned it into surround sound system.

Heck, a modern cell phone even some older ones have FM tuners built in I have tested them. they're not internet versions of the FM stations but actual FM technology that are used to broadcast Street Fighter audio to my local headphones.

by the way the old Dolby 5.1 / 7.1 to Dolby headphone converters from Turtle Beach go for about 5 to $20 on eBay. I still use them if they're not DTS or Atmos or lpcm.

weird thing is that the Nintendo Wii U and switch does output headphones in a surround mix but can't seem to do it in the HDMI so I need a converter from lpcm 5.1 / 7.1 to LPCM surround headphones.

Finally a lot of people on lddb actually prefer an unaltered to track version of a movie over the Dolby 5.1 mix for headphones. When they listen to headphone mixes. They say it's true to the original sound in the native to track mix versus the down mixed headphone mix.

we need to come up with a new term for a surround sound system. People use the term hi-fi. They usually think of Hi-Fi as great quality sound in terms of acoustical wave reproduction. My main priority is Seth directional accuracy. then again I played video games all my life so I'm used to obscure weird noises representing things, which I had to do a lot of in the old days.

If Hi-Fi is short for high fidelity infidelity means faithfulness to the original source,. And I'm looking for directional fidelity,. I should coined the phrase difi as the surround headphone system.

Difi is not pretending to be hi-fi. I asked the people on lddb is the main purpose of a surround system is to put sounds in different directions then why do you guys hate on a headphone that can accurately tell where your opponents are where they're shooting?

Closest thing I ever had to a communal hi-fi was Dolby Pro Logic speakers in the 90s.

Anyone else have a similar problem to me where they have to get their discs in Dolby in order to get good surround sound? The last time this came in separate Dolby and DTS editions was during the LaserDisc days. Should we go back to that?

How do communal surround sound listeners deal with the difference between formats? Do some formats not work at all? Also I noticed there are discrete speakers. should I assume that means that most decoders take the Dolby language or the DTS language and converted to segregated synchronized channels?

How do the new surrounds work like Dolby Atmos and DTS X? In the headphone mix it just natively mixes it to where it should sound like. how do the sounds physically move in all three dimensions to place a sound in a particular place with communal speakers which only sit at so many fixed places?

most people got that me and even baited me into getting into a headphone discussion calling me by name and then when I try to reply the mods kick me out even though the subject was labeled headphones. How could you have a headphone discussion and not talk about surround headphones?

I was honestly trying to figure out how most people think of surround technology so I can compare the pros and cons of headphones versus communal versus soundbar.

the one thing I like about headphones is your controlling your own acoustics basically the limits of the headphone or your ear space of a room.

Second of all it probably takes a lot less electricity to generate absolutely quieter sounds I put them close to your ear making them sell locally loud.

how are my family doesn't like it because they want to talk to each other in the middle of the film and when I want to talk to him I feel wave in front of the guy with the remote control tell him to stop it. All these chat headphones have a third channel for chat. Why can't communal theatre watchers use that as an intercom the comments about the movie. it doesn't matter where in physical space the commenters are because you know you're in virtual space just like if you're talking to someone online, unless the game takes place in physical space where you can hear your partner / opponents voice relative to where you're viewing from, so it sounds like their voice is in the background somewhere in the game universe.

Everyone lddb was gawking at me. as I said before since the post referred to first-time use as losing vurginity. And I choose to lose my audio virginity in a different way, I'm being viewed as a deviant, for not buying expensive speakers and having communal sound.

It's almost like homosexuality pre-1970. Money for Nothing when they use the word f****t, most stations wouldn't play it in 1985 because you don't talk about such in the 90s and early 2000s that was kind of a liberating thing to say this old geezer thinks I'm a f****t. Now Canada has their equivalent of an FCC law saying you can't play that word on the radio, not because it's an impolite thing to talk about, but because you're insulting the said f****t by using that word. So now all of XM knows that there's a Canadian audience because Money for Nothing is edited. which is weird cuz isn't the rule of Canada at least 90% native Canadian content on broadcast radio in TV. I don't know where Dire Straits is from, but if it's not Canada how did that song come popular there withnthat local rule.

That's what it sounds like talking about headphones on movie forums.
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Old 11-07-2019, 07:10 PM   #364
fighthefutureofhd fighthefutureofhd is offline
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Your part about Money for Nothing reminded of King of Comedy which turns 25 this year. It has the line "I'm straight, I'm queer, I'm bi". How times have changed. Anyway, back on topic. Does anyone have any good reference points/tips for someone who is just starting to figure out and understand home theater? And all that entails. I'm not a virgin per se, as I've had my home theater set up for 11 years now almost, but I don't really know know a whole lot about it.

My bother knows all about that stuff really and is the one who initially set it all up for me. It was an Onkyo home theater system. 2 years ago my receiver died so I upgraded to the Onkyo TX-NR575. I kept the original speakers that came with the other system. There are 7 speakers in total. I have 2 of them mounted on a wall facing upwards toward the ceiling. I don't know much about any of this though and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 11-07-2019, 08:35 PM   #365
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
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Mar 2017

I assume most people have excephalo theater setups, ie " outside head", where i have incephalo sound ("in head'). And most of the people mocked me for getting surround in 2 speakers. So where is the "home theater virgin" and his opinion on incephalo surround? According to lddb.cin incephalo surround is akin to being a homosexual pre 1970. You would get arrested for distubing the peace by saying gays are doing nothing wrong. That's how i felt as an incephalo surround user on

I am polite i insult no one. (Unless being unorthodox id rudeness, by definition) I don't jump down the throats of current users of communal speakers. I just stated at the time, headphone surround made more sense than communal speakers
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Old 11-07-2019, 10:43 PM   #366
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
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Mar 2017

By the way I just found out that Turtle Beach does have a decoder that does do both Dolby and DTS 5.1 + 7.1 ( but I'm not sure about Atmos DTS X or any lpcm, it's an improvement). However it comes with a specific brand of headphones. and even though you can order the processor by itself the process are only works with that specific brand of headphones

Ithaca genericized are Dolby DTS processor, and make it work with any set of headphones, then they got something I'll buy again. however I was told by a different employee that it does not do DTS in meaning that does not decode DTS movies, but just takes dolby imports and converts into DTS outputs.

I have to get more information to make sure.
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Old 11-08-2019, 06:32 AM   #367
jaksonlee jaksonlee is offline
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Nov 2019

Spend some quality time with your room. Itís as much a component in your home theater system as any of the electronics youíll buy.
1. A specialized center channel speaker.

2. More surround speakers

3. Specialized dipole surround speakers for a more diffused, non-directional sound.

4. A sub woofer built into the left and right front speakers,usually accomplished by tower speakers.
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