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Feb 2014
Default "Taxi" TV series on DVD (1978 - 1983)

Hey everyone. I didn't see a dedicated thread for "Taxi" here, so wanted to create this.

I did catch a couple of episodes on TV back in the day, but never saw much of the show when it was originally on. So, going along with my recent desire to see '80's TV shows in chronological order, I'm currently watching the show on DVD; decent PQ here, even though this was a late '70's/early '80's network TV show.

Very funny series, but also quite poignant/touching at times. I like how all of the Taxi Drivers look out for each other, and seem like genuine friends even outside of work.

One of the funniest episodes is when Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito) wants to go to his 20th high school reunion, but has misgivings because he thinks everyone will make fun of him - just like they did in high school. So, Bobby Wheeler (the late Jeff Conaway) goes "in disguise" as Louie & explains the reason he's so much taller is because of a fictitious "growth spurt" that happened in college - LOL. Great episode.

Another great episode is when De Palma is "hired" to be the "location coordinator" on a big-budget Hollywood film about Taxi drivers; the Hollywood film crew were planning on staying in the taxi depot/garage for a somewhat lengthy film shoot, and Louie was going to be paid well for his "trouble". However, the shoot got cancelled when the crew was with Louie & the other Taxi drivers "celebrating" at an expensive hotel suite, and everyone had to leave. Louie, very upset that his "cash cow" had disappeared, decided to still get something out of the experience - by ripping off some expensive towels & soap from the bathroom - LOL!!! What a cheap-skate - ha ha.

I remember Christopher Lloyd being my favorite character on the show, even though he didn't join on as a regular cast member until later in the series. I just recently saw his first cameo on the show, which was his one & only appearance in Season 1. He played a burned-out ex-hippie minister named "Reverend Jim Ignatowski"; he married Latka & a "lady of the night" so Latka could get his green card. Hilarious episode & Lloyd made me laugh out loud here; he acted so zonked out & disoriented that I was surprised he could even string two cohesive words together - hilarious.

Back in the late '80's, I used to work with a burned out ex-hippie who kind of reminded me of Lloyd, but wasn't nearly as funny - LOL.

Here's one of Lloyd's funniest scenes on the show:

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