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Dragonheart: 5-Movie Collection (Blu-ray)
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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)
Old 12-22-2020, 10:59 PM   #1
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017
Cool Headphone surround sound processors?

I don't where exactly to go with question, because I'd about laser discs, I asked how to hear the best Laser Disc sound. They told me to get an AC3 RF to DD converter, a technology unique to laser discs. And they said if my headphones decode Dolby Digital and turn it to a headphone mix, then my Turtle Beach DSS should concert it to headphone surround.

By the way, they kicked me off by referring to me by username, almost begging me to come in their discussion, then they threaten to kick me off. I told the mod I was invited on a topic I most comment about, getting my Turtle Beach to listen to movies in perfect surround sound.

And I haven't been on the website in over a year, and I was invited just to get kicked off.

I never had and surround system except for my Turtle Beach. I understand the secret is controlling the acoustics around your ear in a standardized way instead of hiring a tech to "program" the sound system FOR A PARTICULAR ROOM, and only got the guy in the sweet spot. For forgive me if I'm ignorant of such devices outside Turtle Beach and similar gaming companies.

Does there exist either a current or retro device that takes Dolby and DTS and LPCM 7.1 and convert it into a headphone mix which sounds 360x360 when listen to in headphones?

I don't know if they currently make stuff because most gaming headphones now rely on the software base solution instead of a peripheral add-on. Where do I find the peripheral add-on? I assume this peripheral add-on will work equally as well in Dolby DTS and lpcm. Dolby movies sound great on my Turtle Beach decoder but not DTS or lpcm. 70% of my blu-rays are DTS, and 5% are lpcm.

That's a big chunk to be missing in our living room.

I'm looking for one that can work with dad's TV and Blu-ray upstairs and one that can work downstairs with DTS laserdiscs if I happen to find any in the wild at thrift stores.

I know there are software-based solutions on the Xbox one like the Dolby Atmos headphone app and the DTS X headphone app. Where were they find a hardware base solution that does all three conversions?

And by the way why is there no options to select match likes with lights so that Dolby Atmos movies are mixed using the Dolby Atmos headphone app and DTS movies are mixed using the DTS X headphone mixing app, and I assume Windows Sonic does the LPCM version of that. Why is there no match Media mode as an option for headphone mode in the Xbox One?
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Old 03-16-2021, 02:32 PM   #2
Hydra Spectre Hydra Spectre is offline
Active Member
Hydra Spectre's Avatar
Dec 2019

There is the Sound BlasterX G6:
It says it does 7.1 but that's only for PC via. USB. However, it does have an Optical input which only supports LPCM 2.0 and Dolby Digital.
This is currently one of the cheaper options.

The only other option would be the Smyth Realiser which is thousands of dollars and I can't afford it even if I want it.
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Old 03-19-2021, 09:54 PM   #3
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017

Hello. I found another hard to explain thing about headphone languages and Surround languages.

I just saw a few year old movie called Tomorrowland. The movie said in the end credits that it was mastered in Dolby Atmos.

Before I put it in my Xbox one I looked and saw it said it was encoded in DTS 7.1.

So if the three head coach phone converters that are available for the Xbox One namely Windows Sonic for lpcm Dolby Atmos headphone and DTS headphone I chose DTS headphone because I thought that was the closest match.

When I heard the sound of the movie, the directionalism was very underwhelming.

If one wants to go for maximal directionalism should one go with the format partner of the original film in this case Dolby Atmos or that of the physical disc format in this case DTS 7.1? Or should stuff with mixed languages be dealt with like lpcm and use Windows Sonic?

Anyone else have a similar directional problem?
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Old 04-27-2021, 02:01 AM   #4
pixelperfectcolor pixelperfectcolor is offline
Junior Member
pixelperfectcolor's Avatar
Mar 2021

I researched this a few months ago when I was saving up for a new TV. My current living situation necessitates using headphones when watching movies most of the time, but I still wanted a "surround" experience. Based on my research, most of the "surround headphone" options on the market, including the Sound BlasterX G6, are pretty bad. They don't tend to do a good job processing stereo sound and placing it properly, at least according to the video Linus Tech Tips made about surround headphones.

Seems like the best solution is to use HeSuVi, which is an open-source PC program. But since you have to have a PC to use it, you need a way of getting the audio from your source into a PC so you can run HeSuVi and output it to headphones. Some 4K HDR capture cards can play audio and video through the preview window of the capture software with little to no latency. So the solution I came up with was to build a PC specifically for virtual surround sound, including a 4K HDR capture card, run the A/V source into the card, display the capture preview on my 4K TV, and run the audio through virtual audio cables and HeSuVi and out of a headphone jack or amp. And then hope it all works.

Considering how convoluted this all is, and how limited my budget was, I decided against this idea. I'm gonna buy some really good headphones instead. But if you have the money and time, and you're willing to accept that this might end up being a complete waste of both, then be my guest.
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Old 04-28-2021, 06:02 PM   #5
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
Active Member
Mar 2017

Well currently I just have to know more movies work well and what movies don't work well.

I know the Turtle Beach DSS One processor does well as long as the movie is encoded in Dolby cuz it's a direct Dolby Digital to Dolby headphone converter.

I also got a couple of $20 apps for Dolby Atmos headphone app and DTS headphone app on Xbox One.

In certain conditions they work really well but the problem is you have to fiddle with it to find the right settings. Because some movies may be recorded in Dolby in theaters but converted to DTS on Blu-ray and those movies are the hardest to get right.
Also XBox doesn't help by not having an option of best fit for blu-rays you have to choose Dolby or DTS or Windows Sonic or uncompressed stereo. There's no fifth option for best fit.

The people at Dolby and DTS say that you should translate languages as few times as possible. With the optimal number being zero.

If that's the case then why doesn't XBox pick most optimal surround sound headphone processor?
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