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Dead Space (PS5)
The DioField Chronicle (PS5)
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jzbadblood jzbadblood is online now
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Feb 2020

I was already thinking of selling my PS5, but this topic just solidified my decision. I much prefer playing multiplatform games on my Series X, and as it stands there's not any PS5 exclusives I'm interested in. With them thinking of a Pro model so soon I can't justify holding onto this big hunk of plastic taking up space in my entertainment center. Perhaps I'll grab a slim or Pro in a couple years after the PS5 has a game library.
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Omegaice Omegaice is online now
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Good luck!
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ChadFL ChadFL is offline
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Originally Posted by Zivouhr View Post
Yeah, the internal storage is awful for PS5 1. I have most of my PS5 and PS4 games for PS5 stored on my external hard drive, which has been flawless for a few years now so far. Almost out of memory soon though. Then I just switch the junk games to something else and keep the good games on it.

4K 60 fps is enough, yes.

My main problem is I'm still waiting for game graphics to match CGI trailer graphics. I still remember the first Assassin's Creed Valhalla CGI trailer. Wow, look at what PS5 games could look like. Amazing............. And then the next trailer was the graphics, reminding me of the PS4 but with higher resolution... Not the drastic jump I was expecting, so that's my fault of expectations.

PS1 - Jagged edges, sharp edged, low count polygons, clipping, pop in.
PS2 - Blurry to counter aliasing jagged edges, but improved polygons.
PS3 - Major jump in visuals. 720p to 1080p.
PS4 - Huge increase in polygon counts for lush worlds. 1080p minimum.
PS4 Pro - Increased resolution aiming for 4K. Faster loading, fps at times.
PS5 - 4K 60 fps, fast loading, "Raytracing" reflections. PS4 based visuals. Haptic triggers.

PS5 Pro - Increased storage. More reliable 4K 60 fps. Faster loading.
PS6 - Are we going to get jump closer to CGI Trailer visuals? Doubtful. I think it'll be able to easily handle Matrix Awakens in 4K 60 fps, whereas the PS5 can only display it in 1080p (about) 30 fps tops.
Close to my thinking on graphics. I tend to think console graphics have diminishing returns for a few generations now. Up through the PS3/X360, it was a major leap each generation of consoles, but far less noticeable these last two generations.
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NARMAK NARMAK is offline
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I think if you go back and play PS3s end of gen games, PS4 end of gen and then when we get to the end, PS5, you always see a good comparison of what devs eventually manage to do when they fully learn to stretch the hardware. If you want an early comparison, usually launch exclusives are a good way to go. Ridge Racer 7 for PS3 or Resistance Fall of Man even, then the PS4 i can't recall exactly what they had as there was a lot of cross gen overlap but for PS5, you got Demon Souls remake to use.

Personally i do think graphics are getting harder and harder to push the envelope on because of how much more power it requires, but the Unreal 5 engine tech with the Matrix Awakens demo and similar stuff is going to eventually change the way hardware resources are allocated because for example, high speed NVMe drives make it possible to have near instantaneous streaming of large data and smart ways of allocating the GPU power to only render the immediate FoV and then settle it down rather than have a massive game world pre-loaded in was a massive shift in the way games are made too.

What i love is that although hardware innovation may be slowing down with diminishing returns, the software tricks developers are using in their engines to switch from the previous generation of mechanical hardware limitations is truly changing the way we will be gaming even with VR.

By the time PS6 releases, we should hopefully have it all in full swing to get a full fat 4K image with high fidelity Ray Tracing at around 60fps and better graphics. Ultimately i want 120hz/144hz to become the ultimate goal for framerates with a very limited emphasis on 8K for very select titles. After all, the advent for tech improvements has to slowly establish itself and show viability for down the line.
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