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Old 12-01-2008, 05:28 PM   #1
Shin-Ra Shin-Ra is offline
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Feb 2007
Talking Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Genre: Action-Adventure / Shooter Rating: ESRB Teen, PEGI 16, BBFC 15, CERO C
Players: Single-Player, 2-3 Players Online Cooperative, 6-10 Players Online Competitive
Extras: PCM 7.1, PCM/DTS/DD 5.1, Matchmaking, Parties, Replay Cinema, Live Updates, Auto-Tweets

OUT NOW on Blu-ray Disc | Single Player Demo on the PlayStation Store

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the story of Nathan Drake, a fortune-hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past who is lured back into the treacherous world of thieves and mercenary treasure-seekers. The tenth game by premier PlayStation developer Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves allows players to take control of Drake and embark on a journey that will push him to his physical, emotional and intellectual limits to discover the truth behind the lost fleet of Marco Polo and the legendary Himalayan valley of Shambhala.

12.01.2008 Trailer 1: Video Game Awards Teaser Promo

12.14.2008 Trailer 2: Spike Video Game Awards World Premiere

04.27.2009 Trailer 3: Multiplayer Gameplay Debut

06.02.2009 Trailer 4: E3 'No Trust, No Loyalty, No Honor' [Screenshots]

08.18.2009 Trailer 5: GamesCom "Fortune favors the bold?" [Screenshots]

In 1292, after spending nearly 20 years in the court of emperor Kublai Khan, Marco Polo departed China with 14 ships filled with over 600 passengers and crew. Eighteen months later, when Marco Polo arrived at his destination, only one ship remained and only 18 passengers survived. Although Marco Polo described every aspect of his adventures in detail, he never revealed what happened to these lost ships, passengers or treasure on board – even on his deathbed.

Drawn in by the potential riches to be found – but most inspired by the intrigue of the historical mystery – Drake embarks on a quest to find the lost fleet. He soon realizes that Marco Polo was hiding a much bigger secret – he had gone on a secret expedition on behalf of the emperor to find the mythical kingdom of Shambhala (otherwise known as Shangri-La) and to recover the legendary Cintamani Stone, the “wish-fulfilling jewel” of Buddhist mythology. The Stone is described by Marco Polo as a massive raw sapphire – if it truly exists, it would be worth billions of dollars today.

This discovery sets Drake on a new course following Marco Polo's 700-year-old trail through a diverse range of exotic environments to find out if the lost city of Shambhala, rumored to lie deep in the Himalayas, really exists. This quest also pits him against a new, more formidable adversary who is after the same artefact – a ruthless, rogue paramilitary leader with a private army and a relentless ambition to recover the stone for himself.

Music composed by Greg Edmonson, features the Skywalker Session Orchestra.

Amazon: 23 Track CD | Sumthing Digital: 23 Tracks | iTunes: 20 Tracks + Digital Booklet | Medley Sample

  • An expanded cast of characters who reflect different facets of Drake's character, including Chloe Frazer, Drake's current partner and new romantic interest.
  • Varied and exotic locations – from lush, green swamps and dense urban environments, all the way to the ice and snow of the Himalayas.
  • Unrestricted combat allows players to take an aggressive or stealthy approach to combat.
    • Free-flowing “traversal gunplay” adds a unique vertical element to familiar cover-based third-person shooting mechanics, allowing the player to engage in combat from any position in the environment – even while climbing and hanging.
    • Introduction of new traversal and free-climbing mechanics allow Drake to navigate through the environments more fluidly and naturally.
    • Gunplay and combat enhancements, including an expanded melee system, and a variety of enemy types with advanced AI routines.
  • High-quality cinematic presentation of scenes, characters and dialogue, all rendered within the Naughty Dog Engine 2.0.
    • Dramatic in-game events that make the player an active participant in the cinematic experience.
    • Full character interaction with dynamic geometry.
  • Utilizes Naughty Dog Engine 2.0 purpose-built for the PlayStation 3; utilizes the PS3 technology to hit a turning point in technology innovation by recreating reality and capturing human emotion.
  • No visible loading – a Naughty Dog hallmark – returns along with technology improvements in major game systems such as lighting, shadows, ambient occlusion, animation technology and physics, among many others.

  • Robust party system allows players to remain with their friends in matchmaking and custom matches.
  • Custom matches allow players to customize the maps and modes which their party wishes to play.
  • Currency gained in multiplayer matches can be combined with currency gained in single player missions to unlock additional content and upgrades.
  • Character animations and environments taken from single player campaign maintain full visual fidelity.
  • Gameplay and character mechanics identical to the single-player campaign, ensuring familiarity with the same level of quality.
  • High quality voice chat unbroken between lobby and match gameplay.
  • Proprietary Naughty Dog Engine 2.0 network code captures a broad range of gameplay data for statistics reporting on the web and functionality like the match Replay Cinema.
  • Cutting edge technology such as cloud-based computing allows for scalable online infrastructure to provide optimal player experience.
  • Machinima Mode: Create your own drama in combination with the Replay Cinema! Choose an emotional state with the dpad to adjust character stance/animation on the fly and speak through a headset to animate lips. Use the dedicated jungle-jim machinima level containing a generous supply of every weapon for more complex setups and even green-screen your creation to mix with other footage.
  • Competitive multiplayer gameplay includes up to 10 players in heroes-versus-villains matches.
    • Deathmatch: Up to 5 vs 5 with customizable or pre-set game modes including Standard, Crushing, Pistols & Grenades, RPG's, Sniper Rifle & Pistole
    • Plunder: Encourages team work to transport a treasure across terrain horizontally and vertically over obstacles.
    • Elimination: With no respawns, wipe out the other team for the best of 3, 5 or 7 rounds.
    • Chain Reaction: Teams progressively capture five numbered zones in opposite order to one-another.
    • Turf War: Teams attempt to control zones in any order and hold them longer than the other team.
    • King of the Hill: Teams battle to control a single, moving zone for longer than the other team.
  • Booster slots give players a variety of options to customize characters to their play style and the multiplayer mode selected, giving an edge over opponents.

  • Up to three players work together in cooperative modes to accomplish set objectives with increasing difficulty against regular and special AI villains.
    • Campaign Objective: Specially adapted campaign levels with new co-op challenges.
    • Gold Rush: Transport the treasure across the map under pressure from villains.
    • Survival: Stick together, take cover and survive the villain onslaught.
  • Combo system encourages further teamwork to increase a currency multiplier and point total.
  • Weapon upgrades increase ammo capacity, accuracy and damage dealt in cooperative modes.

  1. Platinum – Platinum
  2. First Treasure – Find one treasure
  3. Apprentice Fortune Hunter – Find ten treasures
  4. Novice Fortune Hunter – Find 20 treasures
  5. Cadet Fortune Hunter – Find 30 treasures
  6. Intermediate Fortune Hunter – Find 40 treasures
  7. Practiced Fortune Hunter – Find 50 treasures
  8. Proficient Fortune Hunter – Find 60 treasures
  9. Professional Fortune Hunter – Find 70 treasures
  10. Expert Fortune Hunter – Find 80 treasures
  11. Crack Fortune Hunter – Find 90 treasures
  12. Master Fortune Hunter – Find all 100 treasures
  13. Relic Finder – Find the Strange Relic
  14. Survivor – Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying
  15. 20 Headshots – Defeat 20 enemies with headshots
  16. 100 Headshots – Defeat 100 enemies with headshots
  17. 250 Headshots – Defeat 250 enemies with headshots
  18. Headshot Expert – Defeat five enemies in a row with headshots
  19. Run-and-Gunner – Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1)
  20. Hangman – Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging
  21. 50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm – Defeat 50 enemies with the 92FS - 9mm
  22. 50 Kills: Micro - 9mm – Defeat 50 enemies with the Micro - 9mm
  23. 30 Kills: Wes - 44 – Defeat 30 enemies with the Wes - 44
  24. 30 Kills: Desert - 5 – Defeat 30 enemies with the Desert - 5
  25. 20 Kills: Pistole – Defeat 20 enemies with the Pistole
  26. 70 Kills: FAL – Defeat 70 enemies with the FAL
  27. 70 Kills: M4 – Defeat 70 enemies with the M4
  28. 50 Kills: Dragon Sniper – Defeat 50 enemies with the Dragon Sniper
  29. 30 Kills: Moss - 12 – Defeat 30 enemies with the Moss - 12
  30. 70 Kills: SAS - 12 – Defeat 70 enemies with the SAS - 12
  31. 50 Kills: M32 - Hammer – Defeat 50 enemies with the M32
  32. 30 Kills: RPG - 7 – Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG - 7
  33. 200 Kills: GAU - 19 – Defeat 200 enemies with the GAU - 19
  34. 30 Kills: Mk-NDI – Defeat 30 enemies with Mk-NDI grenades
  35. Triple Dyno-Might – Defeat three enemies with one explosion
  36. Grenade Hangman – Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging
  37. Bare-knuckle Brawler – Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat
  38. Bare-knuckle Slugger – Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat
  39. Bare-knuckle Expert – Defeat ten enemies in a row with hand-to-hand combat
  40. Master Ninja – Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks
  41. Steel Fist Master – Defeat 20 enemies with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire
  42. Steel Fist Expert – Defeat ten enemies in a row with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire
  43. Charted! - Easy – Finish the game in Easy Mode
  44. Charted! - Normal – Finish the game in Normal Mode
  45. Charted! - Hard – Finish the game in Hard Mode
  46. Charted! - Crushing – Finish the game in Crushing Mode
  47. Thrillseeker – Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game
  48. Buddy System – Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game
+ Drake's Fortune Expansion DLC
  1. Sneaky⋯ – Get 50 stealth kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  2. Brass Knuckles – Get 100 melee kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  3. Tastes Like Chicken – Get 20 BBQ medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  4. Rapid Fire! – Get 7 Tripled medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  5. I Told You I Was Hardcore – Complete all 3 Co-op Objective maps on Hard Difficulty
  6. Made It – Finish wave 10 in 1 Survival game
  7. Gold Digger – Finish wave 10 in 1 Gold Rush game
  8. Wipe Them Out⋯ – Win 50 Deathmatch games
  9. Plays Well With Others – Win 50 Objective games
  10. Still Alive – Win 50 Elimination games
  11. Plundered! – Get 200 Captured medals
  12. Cold Blooded – Get 2500 kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games
+ Siege Expansion DLC
  1. You Can't Break Me – Complete all 3 co-op objective maps on Crushing
  2. Under Siege – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Siege game
  3. Speedy – Get 10 First! Medals
  4. I'll Cover You – Get 50 Defender Medals
  5. Fallen Angel – Get 50 Afterlife Medals
  6. Not So Fast – Get 20 Shut'em Down Medals
  7. Jack Of All Trades – Get 15 Triple Threat Medals
  8. You Run, I'll Shoot – Get 10 Protectorate Medals
  9. Back At Ya – Get 50 Retaliation Medals
  10. Kneel Before Z⋯ – Get 5 Put'em Down Medals
  11. Rock a Rhyme – Get 100 Tricky Medals
As a modern-day fortune-hunter, Drake operates within a rough, lawless world occupied by treasure-seekers, antiquities smugglers, con men and thieves. Unlike his associates, Drake is driven more by the historical intrigue and thrill of the hunt, than the promise of the treasure itself. He may or may not be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake, the great 16th-century explorer and privateer – but regardless of his lineage, Drake is gifted with a remarkable historical imagination and an uncanny ability to unravel mysteries from only the barest clues.

Although he’s smart and self-educated, Drake tends to conceal his intellectual side when dealing with the rogues gallery of dangerous individuals who haunt the gray-market underworld of the illegal antiquities trade. In his dubious line of work, Drake finds himself confronting everything from guerillas to drug traffickers, modern-day pirates, rival salvage companies, and frequently the law – so he’s had to learn how to handle himself in tight situations, whether it means guns, fists, charm, or the occasional hasty exit. In the end, Drake survives by his wits, tenacity and resourcefulness – and a dash of good old-fashioned luck.
Elena Fisher (Emily Rose)
Drake’s former companion, Elena has since graduated from tabloid reporter to a legitimate investigative journalist, and now tracks stories in some of the most dangerous and war-torn corners of the world. She’s as stubborn and tenacious as Drake is, and determined to such a degree that it is both her greatest virtue and her greatest fault.
Chloe Frazer (Claudia Black)
Drake’s current partner and romantic interest, Chloe is as tough and capable as she is beautiful. She’s equally comfortable in a gunfight or a fistfight – whatever the occasion demands. Chloe’s a good ally, but her moral compass is uncertain, and her reckless and impulsive nature makes her somewhat unpredictable.
Harry Flynn (Steve Valentine)
A longtime friend and associate of Drake’s, Flynn operates within the same shady underworld of fortune hunters, smugglers and thieves that Drake inhabits. Flynn possesses a certain roguish charm, but he’s far more unscrupulous than Drake, and will take just about any job if the profit’s good – regardless of any moral or legal implications.
Victor Sullivan (Richard McGonagle)
A larger-than-life Hemingwayesque character, Sullivan is Drake’s partner, mentor and the closest thing he’s got to a father figure. He’s a seasoned adventurer, explorer and treasure hunter – the consummate con man in a world of con men – and knows just about everyone connected to the illicit antiquities trade.
Zoran Lazarević (Graham McTavish)
A rogue paramilitary leader and fugitive war criminal, notorious for committing unspeakable massacres and atrocities. Believed to have been killed in a bombing raid, Lazarevic survived (though he bears the scars of the attack), and now operates in the shadows as the leader of a secret terrorist society. Ice-cold and relentlessly ambitious, Lazarevic is an imposing figure with a ruthless intensity and a dark magnetism that’s both terrifying and hypnotic.

Karl Schäfer (Rene Auberjonois)
The sole survivor of a failed expedition to the Himalayas in 1938, Schäfer has been living among the locals of a remote Tibetan village for seventy years. As a fellow explorer, Schäfer is able to provide critical information and guidance at a time when Drake needs it most.

Tenzin (Motion: Robin Atkin Downes / Voice: Pema Dhondup)
A leader in his remote Tibetan village, Tenzin joins Drake halfway through his perilous journey. Their partnership is made awkward by the language barrier – Tenzin speaks only Tibetan, and Drake only English – forcing them to communicate largely through gesture. Despite this obstacle, Tenzin becomes one of Drake’s most trusted allies.

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Old 12-01-2008, 09:30 PM   #2
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Fancy yourself an Uncharted fan? Well you’re not going to want to miss our next cover (sequel!). We’ve got Uncharted 2: Among Thieves featuring 10 pages of world-exclusive details. Nathan Drake returns with a whole new adventure which revolves around the 13th century explorer Marco Polo and his voyages. The new PlayStation 3 title will add a free climbing mechanic and stealth gameplay. Players can also expect all-new locations, characters and a focus on the game’s story. The new issue also feature the first details on Guitar Hero: Metallica plus tons of the latest news, previews, features and reviews. As an added bonus, we’ve also got the brand-new teaser trailer for Uncharted 2, so click the media tab above and enjoy!

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Old 12-01-2008, 09:34 PM   #3
Bageara Bageara is offline
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Apr 2008
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Cool! thanks
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Old 12-01-2008, 09:38 PM   #4
silversnake silversnake is offline
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Feb 2008

Nice !!! thanks for the link. Drake should have covered up a bit more.
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Old 12-01-2008, 09:38 PM   #5
stenk stenk is offline
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New Zealand

Yeah thanks!
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Old 12-01-2008, 09:49 PM   #6
silversnake silversnake is offline
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Feb 2008

Thanks Shin-Ra. Looks like i'm picking up game informer. I like the snow idea , i really do
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Old 12-01-2008, 09:55 PM   #7
Havok83 Havok83 is offline
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Sep 2007

My favorite PS3 game finally gets an official sequel!
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Old 12-01-2008, 09:58 PM   #8
Monkey Monkey is offline
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Sep 2006

**** yeah, mother****ing yeah!!!!

Best ****ing news of the mother****ing year
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Old 12-01-2008, 09:59 PM   #9
Aaron Aaron is offline
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I submitted this to Digg.

Digg it!!!
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:05 PM   #10
garlad garlad is offline
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Dec 2007

fantastic news!!! Bring it on.. sure to be another best seller.. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:11 PM   #11
Morphine Morphine is offline
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I will get this game on day 1, I hope they do a good collector`s ed
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:12 PM   #12
CYMBOL CYMBOL is offline
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I move around a lot.

Yes please!
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:22 PM   #13
dahoover dahoover is offline
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Jan 2008
Bloomington, Indiana

This is AMAZING news!! The first Uncharted is still my favorite PS3 game to date and I can't wait for this one to come out.

If this and God of War 3 both come out in 2009 I will probably faint from awesomeness!
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:30 PM   #14
Shin-Ra Shin-Ra is offline
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Well, Uncharted was properly revealed in GameInformer March 2007 so they're on schedule for a comfortable 2009 release.
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:30 PM   #15
Cyorg Cyorg is offline
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Originally Posted by dahoover View Post
This is AMAZING news!! The first Uncharted is still my favorite PS3 game to date and I can't wait for this one to come out.

If this and God of War 3 both come out in 2009 I will probably faint from awesomeness!
You and me both... I can't wait to see actual gameplay footage.
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:41 PM   #16
Bear28 Bear28 is offline
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Nov 2008
Surrey, BC

Sweet....a scuba diving level would be cool as well

I can't wait to replay the first one now that there are trophies as well.
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:43 PM   #17
Cordre69 Cordre69 is offline
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Aug 2007
Livermore, CA

I think of the movie 'Wanted' when I see that picture...
I am so stoked about the sequel! I just replayed it to get a few more trophies and it is as awesome again as it was the first time!
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:48 PM   #18
Shin-Ra Shin-Ra is offline
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Feb 2007

With more stealthy opportunities and maybe some new stealth/cover mechanics maybe melee attacks will come into play more.

Feet meet face!
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Old 12-01-2008, 10:55 PM   #19
jubei29 jubei29 is offline
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Feb 2008

Best PS3 exclusive finally getting some love. About time.
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Old 12-01-2008, 11:00 PM   #20
sega_smasher sega_smasher is offline
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Santa Monica, CA PSN: SecretAgentHam

i'm freaking happy right now. my ps3 is growing up...having sequels... *sniff*
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