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Old 10-15-2019, 05:08 PM   #741
Jordanmander Jordanmander is offline
New Member
Oct 2019

I'm looking at getting this blu ray player factored by its blutooth function. Has anybody paired headphones with it at all? My living situation means I can't have an awfully loud setup.
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Old 10-15-2019, 06:46 PM   #742
jkeldo jkeldo is offline
Junior Member
May 2018

Originally Posted by donzo29 View Post
I had the original 800 and picked up the M2 a couple of months ago. I had played all sorts of things over the first 7 weeks and never had a freeze but in the past few days I have had 3. One on a 4k disc and two on standard Blu-rays. I am extremely frustrated that this issue is still happening with the new model.

I really want to love this player as I have a lot of SACD and DVD-Audio discs and the 800s play them all but when it locks up in the middle of a movie I want to throw it down the stairs. Sony really needs to do better, especially for the money.

This thing is a 4k/Blu-ray player first and foremost and that is what it has the hardest time doing.

So my advice is this: If you don't need a universal player and just want a quality UHD/BLu-ray player, buy something else.

I had just posted this today on the X800 forum, but since you mentioned your problem, here is my summary slightly edited:

I purchased two of these X800 units. The first was purchased in April of last year and the second in October on clearance with a lower serial number than the first. The second unit has never given me any problems and is used with a Vizio tv. The first one exhibits some freezing behaviors and is used with a Sony XBR. The green light will be on sometimes by itself but when checking the tv, there is nothing on the screen and only unplugging the unit for a minute or so and then plugging it back in will it come back up. However, it usually loses all of the settings such as your network settings, Quickstart on/off etc. so you end up going back and fixing all of that. It then usually worked fine for around two months or so and it would do it again. So back it went to BB for an exchange as I had an extended warranty. It did not have a problem with freezing while playing discs and since I don't stream much, I can't comment on that part.

These are great units overall but some part is obviously lacking. As many of you have done, I tried changing the Quickstart mode, changed cables, turned off Bluetooth etc. but none of that made any difference with the first unit. I even left it off the network after the last two times to see if that would make a difference as I don't stream much at all so it wouldn't matter but that didn't help either. All updates were current as well as firmware like my second unit which has never frozen nor comes on by itself and appears "dead." I hope my new Sony UPB-X800M2 which replaces the first X800 will be an improvement.
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Old Today, 01:40 PM   #743
SuperErik SuperErik is offline
Dec 2017

I have been using this player for a few months now.

I have a strange issue when I play .m2ts files over the network. Note: These are full blu-rays and not remuxes. The movies contain HDR.
The last example was Skyfall yesterday. In a lot of scenes I see terrible banding issues, and some flickering.
I have seen this in more movies (all m2ts), but NEVER with actual 4K discs.

My settings seem to be correct. I tried some tweaking but I cannot find the issue.
Again: Discs play fine as they should be with excellent colours and no banding or flickering.

What can I do? I went through all the settings on the player but I can't fix the issue...
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