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Old 03-26-2020, 01:58 AM   #1
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Dec 2012
Default Blu Ray Community March Madness first round results

Hey movie fans, a wild opening round with a mix of blowouts, buzzer beaters and upsets.(if you want to skip my perhaps overly indulgent first round recap, you can skip to the bottom)

[Buzzer beaters were contests decided by a single vote]

The biggest blowout of the tournament so far, Dunkirk got out to an early lead on Nocturnal Animals and never looked back taking 23 out of 25 votes!

The other blowouts, in which the winner took at least 80% of the vote, the Eighth Graders were no match for the War Boys from Fury Road, the gang from Green Room might have been scared of Darcy but in a Cyber Punk future they likely dreamed of Blade Runner 2049 showed them what real fear is and perhaps somewhere in the Spiderverse the Bridge of Spies were able to infiltrate and outsmart our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman but not today, not in this reality.

Moving on to the upsets, in a big upset early in the tournament it was the 12 seed Adonis Creed knocking out Aquaman in hard fought contest, long standing Blu Ray Community members will remember the scandal with Aquaman who were temporarily named the 2018 1 seed before an investigation into fraudulent voters, among the other upsets we've seen many Stars born here on the Blu Ray community forum but no Star is Born today as Ethan Hunt had time to defeat them along with the Rogue Nation, in pair of buzzer beaters coming down to the final vote Mahershala Ali is a man of many talents but he'll have to find something else to Moonlight as for the duration of this tournament as at the end of the game Bill Skarsgård had what It takes for the small upset in the 8/9 matchup, and Frances McDermond might have been able to put up Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, she couldn't make it up Hacksaw Ridge who managed the 10 over 7 upset, and Pixar might have been looking to turn the competition Inside Out but Emma Stone showed why she's The Favourite, Deadpool finally met his match as he was an unexpected casualty in The War of the Planet of the Apes and in one of the most intriguing matchups of this opening round the 16 seed, son of Odin Thor looked primed for the biggest upset of the tournament BUT it's not just "Someone in the Crowd" its Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone leading the cast of La La Land dancing into the next round in another buzzer beater!

Running through the rest of the opening round The Nice Guys might still Wonder who that Woman was but Diana adds another exciting buzzer beating winner, Officer Ron Stallworth couldn't pass his Turing Test losing to Ex Machina, It May Follow(s) all it likes but this was a case of Annihilation today, in an odd match up of a Baby(Driver) vs a Doctor(Strange) youth prevails, Daniel Day Lewis is truly a Phantom that won't be making an Arrival in the second round, Steve Jobs just couldn't handle the Fallout of an Impossible Mission, Mark Whatney didn't need an Upgrade to get off the "red planet" as The Martian lands in the round of 32, the shape of victory is apparently the same as The Shape of Water and not found at 10 Cloverfield Lane, John Wick(2) is a bad man but he wandered out to Texas and found himself in a case of Hell or High Water, Ladybird can fly just about anywhere she likes but couldn't hang with the gulls of Manchester by the Sea, The Witch couldn't cast her spell on Logan, winning in the Spotlight must be a recessive gene as it's Hereditary shining in the first round, The Last Jedi usually has the Force on their side but not today as Rogue One had the plans for victory, right now we're all going crazy in quarantine but I can't recommend you Get Out especially not to the Zoo...topia, Ready Player One wasn't ready for Sicario, Thanos may have killed half of the world's humans in Infinity War but he snapped all the dinosaurs out of existence in Jurassic World, a Room might be A Quiet Place but not quiet enough in this contest, Leo survived a literal bear in The Revenant no contest for a man even the First Man, Captain America crossed Wind River with ease to win the Civil War, Wakanda is a mighty nation but Vibranium couldn't defeat The Force(Awakens) and basketball teams might only have five players but The Hateful Eight dunked on Roma.

Thanks again to our first round voters, I'll open the 2nd round voting tomorrow, as a recap of R1 winners:

1. Mad Max: Fury Road('15)
16. Eighth Grade('18)*

8. Wonder Woman('17)*
9. The Nice Guys('16)*

5. Ex Machina('15)*
12. BlackKklansman('18)

4. Annihilation('18)
13. It Follows('15)*

6. Moonlight('16)
11. It('17)

3. Baby Driver('17)*
14. Doctor Strange('16)

7. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing.** Missouri('17)
10. Hacksaw Ridge('16)**

2. Arrival('16)*
15. Phantom Thread('17)*

1. Mission Impossible: Fallout('18)
16. Steve Jobs('15)*

8. Deadpool('16)
9. War for the Planet of the Apes('17)*

5. Aquaman('18)
12. Creed('15)

4. The Martian('15)
13. Upgrade('18)*

6. The Shape of Water('17)
11. 10 Cloverfield Lane('16)

3. Hell or High Water('16)*
14. John Wick Chapter 2('17)*

7. Manchester by the Sea('16)
10. Lady Bird('17)*

2. Logan('17)**
15. The Witch('16)**

1. La La Land('16)*
16. Thor: Ragnarock('17)

8. Hereditary('18)
9. Spotlight('15)

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story('16)
12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi('17)

4. Get Out('17)
13. Zootopia('16)

6. Sicario('15)
11. Ready Player One('18)

3. Avengers: Infinity War('18)
14. Jurassic World('15)

7. A Quiet Place('18)
10. Room('15)

2. The Revenant('15)
15. First Man('18)

1. Blade Runner 2049('17)
16. Green Room('16)

8. Inside Out('15)
9. The Favourite('18)

5. Dunkirk('17)
12. Nocturnal Animals('16)

4. Captain America Civil War('16)
13. Wind River('17)

6. A Star is Born('18)
11. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation('15)

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens('15)
14. Black Panther('18)

7. The Hateful Eight('15)
10. Roma('18)

2. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse('18)
15. Bridge of Spies('15)

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StarWarsIsAwesome123 (03-26-2020)
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Originally Posted by blu blood View Post
2. Arrival('16)*
15. Phantom Thread('17)*

7. Manchester by the Sea('16)
10. Lady Bird('17)*

8. Hereditary('18)
9. Spotlight('15)

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story('16)
12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi('17)

8. Inside Out('15)
9. The Favourite('18)

5. Dunkirk('17)
12. Nocturnal Animals('16)

6. A Star is Born('18)
11. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation('15)

7. The Hateful Eight('15)
10. Roma('18)
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