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A view to a Kill 23 60.53%
Die Another Day 15 39.47%
Voters: 38. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-26-2020, 10:18 PM   #21
EvaDK EvaDK is offline
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Oct 2014

(cracks knuckles)

Die Another Day
- Korean man gets a DNA treatment and becomes... a Caucasian? Even Japanese Sean Connery in YOLT wasn't this stupid.

- Toby Stephens' performance and line delivery is so hammy and over the top, that it almost makes the film worthy to watch.

- Moneypenny is caught humping Bond in VR. Yes, I'm not making it up.

- Madonna's theme song isn't terrible, but then she shows up in a cameo as a fencing instructor, wearing what I can only describe as a rejected costume design for Sting in David Lynch's Dune.

- the invisible Aston Martin. The Lotus Esprit that transforms into a submarine and back again, doesn't look as silly now, does it?

- the villain wears a half-assed Iron Man suit in the finale, so he can control his space laser (!) and electrocute Bond. F*ck off.

A View To A Kill wins hands down, even though it has plenty of issues of its own. Die Another Day was an absolute low point; it made Vin Diesel's XxX look sophisticated and smart in comparison and to add, XxX had Rammstein performing Feuer Frei. Respect!

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DR Herbert West (Yesterday), stardragon9 (03-26-2020)
Old 03-26-2020, 11:11 PM   #22
traths traths is offline
Blu-ray Guru
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Dec 2012
Saint Paul Park, MN

These two are the worst of the Bond franchise but A View To A Kill wins for me.
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Old Yesterday, 12:05 AM   #23
Markgway Markgway is offline
Blu-ray Champion
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Jul 2013

Originally Posted by RCRochester View Post
The worst, for me, is Bond escaping from the hospital ship in Hong Kong by willfully flatlining his heart... that's some Derek Flint shit right there.
Could be wrong... but wasn't he supposed to be able to that because the Koreans had (over 14 months in captivity) stopped his heart using scorpion venom and then revived him as a form of torture?
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Old Yesterday, 12:32 AM   #24
StarWarsIsAwesome123 StarWarsIsAwesome123 is online now
Power Member
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Apr 2016

A View to a Kill is one of the worst Bond movies but has one of the best Bond theme songs, so there's that. Die Another Day is one of the worst Bond movies AND has one of the worst theme songs. I'd say AVTAK is the better movie but it's close.
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scifisuperfan (Yesterday)
Old Yesterday, 01:09 AM   #25
scifisuperfan scifisuperfan is online now
Blu-ray Guru
scifisuperfan's Avatar
Aug 2018

DAD should have won just judging by this "mojito" scene...

[Show spoiler]

and then this one:

[Show spoiler]
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Old Yesterday, 04:09 AM   #26
GrouchoFan GrouchoFan is offline
Expert Member
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Oct 2011
Quincy, MA

A View To A Kill: My college buddy and I snuck a thermos full of vodka martinis into the theater on opening night. We thought we were big shots.

Die Another Die: When Madonna's opening title song started, I honestly thought there must be something wrong with the sound system at this fairly brand new theater. I nearly got up to complain, but soon realized, nope, it was supposed to sound like that. Yeeeeesh.

I used to think AVTAK was the worst of the Moore era, but looking back, there are a number of things I like, and it has grown on me over the years. Has no one mentioned the Eiffel Tower stunt/Paris chase scene yet? And I used to listen to John Barry's score (on a cassette tape!) all the time that summer.

AVTAK gets my vote.
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Cherokee Jack (Yesterday), SuperFlyHighGuy (Yesterday)
Old Yesterday, 06:24 AM   #27
SuperFlyHighGuy SuperFlyHighGuy is offline
Blu-ray Guru
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Oct 2010
north star

AVTAK for me also. Was the first I saw in cinemas and still one of my favorite of the Moore films. Great supporting cast and fun action pieces, with some cheese thrown in to savor.

Not much of a Brosnan fan but DAD is still miles better than The World Is Not Enough, at least.
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