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Old 03-15-2009, 04:15 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by emilsjr View Post
Thanks for the answer. However, I have been looking through the 52" XBR3 manual and see no mention of 24p support. On Sony's site, it lists the tv as having 1080p/60. Is there an owner out there that can confirm the 1080p24 on the XBR3?
I have the Sony 46 XBR3 that I bought in October of 2006 and I can confirm it DOES NOT support 1080p 24fps only 60fps. When I try setting the PS3 to automatic it doesn't do anything, but when I specifically set it to accept 24fps my tv goes blank for about 20 seconds and my tv says it does not support that signal. My pioneer 111fd that I just purchased does not do this when I set the PS3 to accept 24fps. The XBR 3 was one of the first 1080p tvs to come to the market before 24fps was a standard in most 1080p tvs.
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Old 05-13-2010, 07:14 PM   #42
hazydave hazydave is offline
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Originally Posted by SDK View Post
Is there a difference in displaying VS outputting?

Say PLAYER outputs at 24fps, however TV displays at 60fps (=60Hz), so the TV converts 24fps -> 60fps internally, anyway resulting in that "motion artifact". Therefore, if you want to see "motion artifact"-free (genuine 24fps) video you need a TV that can run at 24fps (=24Hz)
The difference is that the wire (eg, HDMI) is limited to 60p. All digital TVs do upconversion anyway, most to at least 60p. But internally, some have much higher rates... it's not uncommon to have 120p or even 240p LCDs these days.

So, If I send a 60p upconversion of the 24p, a more advanced TV has to detect the upconversion cadance and drop the extra frames (eg, 60p -> 48p), then upconvert that to 72p, 144p, whatever, for the best possible display. Maybe they do that, maybe not. If I send over 24p, I'm presenting the display device with the exact thing I want displayed.. it may only upconvert to 60p, but it may be able to do a better upconversion.
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