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While it is true that the human ear cannot perceive individual frequencies above 22 kHz, ultrasonic frequences are not only present in live music, but affect the way the ear hears frequencies in the audible range. The research of James Boyk clarifies this.

Therefore, if you really want to accurately reproduce music, you'd better be able to record and reproduce ultrasonic frequencies.

Also, I'm rather fond of using this quote by Daniel von Recklinghausen: "If it measures good and sounds bad, it is bad. If it measures bad and sounds good, you've measured the wrong thing." The human ear is an incredibly complex device and while we have designed some gadgets to test hearing and measure frequencies, the notion that we can test everything about audio perception seems ludicrous. If SACD sounds more realistic--all other things being equal--than CD, that's really all that matters.

Originally Posted by scanachick View Post
Here are my 2 cents:
So I must agree with Dan. 48k/24 is great as a final product. Beyond this you are looking at very expensive equipment to reveal the difference, and I am not yet talking about the actual ability for some ears to discern it. It would take equipment from mastering studio-grade to tell the difference, and we are talking very high-end speakers, converters, amplification, and last but not least, very expensive room accoustic treatment.
While my gear is not cheap, I do not use acoustic treatment or amps that measure particularly well spec-wise, and I find that 48 kHz sampling does not reveal the nuances or lifelike realism capable with 96 or 192 kHz.

And believe me, the way the music has been recorded and mixed is WAY more important than the sample rate of the final product.
Yes, but all things being equal we should push for the best technology and productions possible. It does make a difference.
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