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Old 11-21-2010, 09:11 PM   #1
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Default My new Wii games quick reviews and upcoming stuff!!

Ok very quickly...I have been playing the wii with my wife / kids alot lately and if i play something new and fun i like to share here with my "peeps" because i like when you guys share stuff that helps me on games etc...

Newer games i have just played are kirbys epic yarn...just dance 2..and the new donkey kong country.

And yes all of them are great...there all fun to play together...kirby & donkey kong both are co op of you is is of you is donkey is diddy...The graphics for the games look very good if your thinking wii cant look good your wrong...I do have the nintendo component cables i got from best buy (you can get them anywhere) and they do work.

Just dance 2 is very fun with your friends or family..or play at the same time and some of the dances require you to work together...theres also downloadable songs like 8 of them right 300 wii points a song or something...but its cool nintendo/ubi soft is adding DLC to it...

AND big news for me really...if you dont have the wii fit...yes black friday theres deals...for like 70 or something....BUT..i just found out there will be a BLACK wii fit bundle to match the black wii (dont know when the date is for it)

And if you dont have a wii yet...theres suppose to be a Black wii fit Wii bundle..comes with the black balance board...wii fit plus..wii sports resort and the new motion plus built in controller (no add on plus anymore)

I have one of the new controllers and i like it..much smaller and lighter which is nice....Well thats my fast post review...All those games are cool looking forward to epic mickey and black wii fit stuff...Peace.

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Old 11-22-2010, 01:36 AM   #2
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Most own wii game: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and goldeneye
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Old 11-22-2010, 02:15 AM   #3

I often search on Youtube. There are many video guiding about wii games
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