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Doctor Who: William Hartnell - Complete Season Two (Blu-ray)
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Default Pressed(stamped) optical discs and M-Discs recordable discs can last over 1,000 years

Around 99% of all optical discs are commercially produced by pressing (stamping) in a multi-million dollar optical disc factory. Therefore, when one purchases an audio CD, CD-ROM data disc, DVD video disc, DVD-ROM data disc, Blu-ray video disc, Blu-ray music disc, or a very rare BD-ROM data disc, those types of optical discs are professional pressed (stamped) in a factory. In addition, 100% of all Laserdiscs and 100% of all 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are professionally stamped because Laserdiscs and 4K Blu-ray discs do not have a blank recordable disc options in existence. The big advantage of professionally pressed (stamped) optical discs is that if they are manufactured correctly and stored and treated correctly, they can last over 1,000 years on the shelf. The music and movies one own’s today on optical discs can be handed down to future generations to enjoy. Some Laserdiscs I still own that were made back in 1978 are 43 years old and playing perfectly fine since they were pressed (stamped) correctly and did not have any Laser rot issues.

When it comes to standard blank optical CD-R, DVD-R, and BD-R media, when stored correctly and treated correctly it can last up to 100 years. However, if the blank optical discs are cheaply manufactured with poor quality material the recordable optical media might only last between 5 to 20 years before going bad. Some recordable optical discs have a lifespan of around 3 to 5 years instead of the typical 100 year lifespan. While most my family made DVD-R data and video discs I made around 20 years ago are still working perfectly fine, I did run into a few DVD-R discs made 20 years ago that have major reading problems and errors on the discs because of age related quality issues. It should be mentioned that many hard drives and solid state drives last between 5 to 10 years. Also USB flash drives and SD cards sometimes only last around 10+ years. Maybe under ideal conditions the higher-end USB and SD cards might last 15 to 50+ years. But on average the typical blank CD-R, DVD-R, or BD-R disc can last up to 100 years if quality name brand discs are purchased.

According to online information the Department of Defense and other military organizations have ran age testing and other massive tests on the Blu-ray and DVD optical discs that use M-Disc technology. M-Discs sometimes cost around twice the price when compared to standard non M-Disc optical discs, but when it comes to storing important documents, family videos, and audio information that one needs to last over 1,000+ years, then M-Disc blank media is what many companies and families are using. This way over many centuries the data, videos, music, and other information can be passed on to future generations. Maybe some M-Disc Blu-ray’s that are 128GB or 100GB capacity might under ideal conditions last 1,400 years when stored correctly, while other Blu-ray M-Discs that have more abuse over the centuries might only last 800 years instead of the full 1,000+ years.

With inflation I have noticed a increase in prices for Blu-ray recordable computer drives and for recordable M-Disc blank media has also went up in price and is out of stock at several online companies. The Pioneer BDR-212UBK 4K Ultra HD BDXL 16 times BD-ROM drive is ideal drive to use for M-Disc Blu-ray discs that are 25GB, 50GB, 100GB, and 128GB. Standard 128GB capacity BDXL Blu-ray discs are now on the market, but it appears 128GB M-Disc models have not been released yet (100GB BDXL M-Discs do exists).

Verbatim makes high quality optical discs and they have a good selection of M Disc products to choose from. With options to have a thermal printable surface or inkjet printable surface for those that do not want a branded surface.

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