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Originally Posted by Steelmaker View Post
Question, can the top of the line plasmas get as dynamic, sharp, and have as much "pop" as the better LED TV's?

I guess thats my issue with plasma, based on my viewings at the store. Plus for those who are saying "oh you cant go by the store display." Well like I said before, the VT50 that I saw at Best Buy was in one of their theater rooms and I verified that it was set to THX Cinema mode. The picture looked nice but to my eyes it was somewhat soft and understated compared to the Samsung. The Samsung's image was sharper, it seemed to show more fine detail, and just had a "wow" factor that the plasma didn't. Even my wife made the comment "wow that image looks real." Yes the plasma had darker blacks but imo that is not the be all end all to a TV's image qualiy.
As noted above, I just returned a 55" Panny plasma for a 55" Panny LED (edge lit) due to buzzing and IR issues on the former.

The LED is definitely brighter and colors do pop more. The plasma was a bit dimmer and softer, more film like. While the LED looks more life like. And that's with an edge-lit set, a full array one would be even brighter and pop even more.

That's really just a matter of what you prefer. People who watch a ton of movies often prefer the film-like look of plasmas. Some who watch mostly TV, sports, play games etc. prefer the brighter more life-like look of LED/LCD. While some hate it and call it a "soap opera effect." So there's not a right or wrong answer. Just comes down to what you prefer on that front.

But overall, you shouldn't be struggling on your decision. You've said you game a lot and worry about IR, and you like a brighter set.

Go LED and stay away from plasma. IR will be an issue if you are gaming for hours on end--at least with Panasonic. Apparently the Samsung plasmas are more resistant to IR--but tend to buzz louder than the Panny's. And you won't get a plasma that's as bright as a decent LED as that's just the nature of the technology.

I'm super pleased that I decided to ditch the plasma as I like the brighter picture and there was no way I could live with the buzzing and IR (watch a ton of ESPN and play a lot of games) on the plasma.

So go LED and start struggling over which one to get rather than what type of TV to get.

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