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Old 11-18-2016, 06:31 PM   #21
devanttrio devanttrio is offline
New Member
Aug 2016

Originally Posted by ChainSmokerTFK View Post
I had this exact same problem, wouldn't load BD movies at all. The issue is that your system isn't reading dual-layer BDs. Most PS3 games are single layer. Most movies, however, are dual. Try loading a dual layer game like GTAV or Beyond Two Souls. That'll confirm it. The way I fixed it sounds ridiculous, but works. And I have no clue why.
When you load the disk, immediately lift the PlayStation with both hands (just to be extra careful) tilt front end up and hold it vertically with the disk drive slot on top. Once again, the traditional "on it's side" vertical position will not work. The top-loading, a/v cables on the bottom position is the only one that will work. If tilting the system every time isn't your style, you can always figure out a clever mounting solution that keeps it the "load on top" position permanently, but be sure to account for the fan and AV/POWER connections being on the bottom. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's kept me from buying a new ps3.
I know this thread is a few years old, but I was having problems getting TWD S6 to show up in XMB. I tried this and it worked! So many thanks to you!!
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Old 02-25-2017, 11:15 PM   #22
Craigster Craigster is offline
New Member
Feb 2017

Originally Posted by TommySyk View Post
Yeah but it plays Blu-Ray Games so it should play Blu-Ray movies too right?
I had the same problem. I fixed it, with a can of compressed air by blowing it into the DVD slot with the long red tube. Mostly blowing it in the middle where the head would be. It didn't work at first, until I put a DVD in and blew the air again. After that it can read Blue-ray movie again.
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Old 01-11-2023, 12:47 PM   #23
thesmf thesmf is offline
Mar 2022

this is a bit old now i know

i cant make heads or tails of this issue?

got 2 films it refuses to like and keep buying more films that my ps3 plays fine

1 is the semi documented dodgy spiderman 2 disc thats known to have issues (boots fine in my panny bd and xbox one), not an issue i had a promo copy of the trilogy i planned to sell as it was still new and sealed so ended up opening that and watching it fine from that set (nicer having a single case for all 3 films also)

the 2nd is rampage with dwayne johnson, plays fine in my panny bd player downstairs but hates the ps3, or so it seems, 1st time i decided to watch this and found it wouldnt boot after a few times i decided to call it quits and watch another film, so watched ready player one as that was also purchased at the same time and i hadnt seen it, that film played fine, then watched all the extras after it, once that viewing was done i put rampage back in (ps3 defo warmed up by then) and hey presto, film booted up no problem, so i was like must be a stupid ps3 glitch

no, still doesnt like this disc, but plays basically everything else i throw in it

must be a clear incentive to buy a UHD player (ok i still have a panny bd to use and my xbox one), only thing i havent tried is the turning the player upright to see if gravity does its part with the loading like previously mentioned as my ps3 is sat in the middle of my av shelving unit so its not really viable
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