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Oct 2017

I'm tired of trying to Google an answer for the stuff I'm going to write about, and am hoping someone is in a similar scenario and might be able to answer.

I have the 65" LG GX, Sonos Arc, and Apple TV 4K. I was looking into buying a 4K blu-ray player to play my small collection of 4K discs. I'll need something to convert the DTS so the Arc will play sound since Sonos does not support DTS.

As far as I can tell, the option is to get either a new Xbox One X (I don't game anymore), Panasonic, or Samsung player. Those are the 3 that I've read are able to convert the DTS to a format that the Arc will play.

I do most of my viewing via streaming on the Apple TV 4K, and OTA. I don't subscribe to any streaming service, currently. At my age, I'm assuming this will be my last device that will play discs. (I still have the 1st gen Pioneer LD/DVD combo player, hooked up to a older TV obviously haha.)

When viewing anything on the TV, the screen is a bit brighter on the left hand side, and in completely dark scenes, it is very noticeable. Is this normal? Is there a setting I can do on the LG GX to address this beside pixel refresh? (I've tried pixel refresh 3 times, no improvement.) I bought the TV new. Disable AI? Do I reach out to LG to resolve? (Taking it back to the store I bought it at isn't an option due to the weight of the TV, and the lack of vehicle that it will fit in. I bought the GX last month.)

Obviously pretty much a newbie to this stuff. Back when it was just LD/DVD, everything seemed to look great. Hell, I even remember buying my first stereo VHS player after the salesman demoed "Silverado." He said, "Listen to those bullets land! It's in stereo!" Now we expect perfection. Want to make sure I'm getting what I paid for in my new set-up. Thanks for any advice

Originally Posted by jibucha View Post
my thought :: contact LG Technical Support :: ASAP
The support person suggested pixel refresh. After informing him that I have already tried that 4 times, he said it needed to be done 10 times over a 5 day period. Googling that, brought nothing up. I feel like I should call back to speak to a different support person.

Again, the issue is that approximately two inches closest to the left border of the screen of my 65" LG GX is brighter than the rest of the TV. Won't show on the photo for the so-called "Picture Test" because the photo is not dark. Anyways I'll get it sorted out, whether it's next week or if I call back and talk to a different support person.

Specifically, this is what I'm seeing:

It's also pretty lame that there's no way to tell how long the pixel refresh will take. If it's close to finishing. Would be nice to be able to start it in the app on your phone and have it give a progress bar or something. I'm hoping that support is more helpful than they were with the person that wrote their review on Amazon.

[Show spoiler].

I ran pixel refresh twice in a row. Will run what's behind the spoiler while sleeping, hoping that will fix things over the next couple of weeks. Any must have settings for the LG GX? I watch about 85% movies, 15% ota local news/programming.

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