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Old 02-27-2023, 05:28 AM   #101
Scarriere Scarriere is offline
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Sep 2008
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I encourage you to go 7.2.4.
I had that once and it is incredible.
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bhampton (02-28-2023), red_5ive (03-14-2023)
Old 02-28-2023, 12:15 PM   #102
bhampton bhampton is online now
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Originally Posted by Scarriere View Post
I encourage you to go 7.2.4.
I had that once and it is incredible.
I agree it sounds like a great setup.

I really want to do that and now it seems like it should be easy.
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Thanks given by:
Scarriere (02-28-2023)
Old 03-15-2023, 08:53 PM   #103
ldgibson76 ldgibson76 is offline
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Jan 2009
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Originally Posted by antennahead View Post
Mine is still going strong and sounds great. I think you'll be happy when you find the right amplification.
Hello antennahead.

I have a question about the Marantz AV7702 mkII.

I've had a full year with it and overall, I'm satisfied with it's performance, however,... Right now, I'm confused. Recently, my AV7702 mkII has been re-activating shortly after shutdown.

For instance, I'll shut down the system and every device before I go to bed. When I enter the room the next morning, the Marantz is powered "ON". I've been trying to troubleshoot this anomaly for nearly a month. It doesn't happen every night, but enough to raise concern.
I'm not sure how long it takes before it turns on after shutdown, but I have to believe that if it's running idle for hours, that can't be good for the circuitry.

I realize that it's a setting that either needs to changed or be de-activated. I currently I have HDMI pass-thru set to ON, and HDMI Control, which was originally set to ON is now set to OFF. That should have solved the auto turn on conundrum. Pass Thru assign is the Verizon Fios STB. I turn it off completely, thinking it was the culprit, but just this morning, alas, the Marantz's display was on and the Fios box was in standby (off) mode. I don't get it. Have you ever had a similar issue?

I chatted with Waboman about the anomally and he said that he had the same intermittent issue with his 8805A.
He has since purchased the beastly AV10 and he hasn't experience the issue as of yet.

Thank you in advance for reading the long post.
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Old 03-16-2023, 06:07 PM   #104
antennahead antennahead is offline
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Apr 2014
Charleston, SC

I think your HDMI pass thru and control settings are correct. Unfortunately, I won't be much help here, as I leave mine, as well as my amps (Class D) on all the time with all the sources turned off. I turn the volume down to zero and all the sources off when I head to bed. I have a Belkin surge protector/power conditioner in the system that shows the overall power draw of the components. With the volume on the Marantz all the way off and the sources and TV off, the power draw is negligible, I liken it to being on standby and ready to roll when I want to crank up the system. The good news is that it's now been running like this for over 8 years with no issues. I have the original 7702 BTW, not the mkII, but they are very similar.

I too have heard of the mysterious "turns on by itself on occasion" gremlin from other owners. Is it possible that the Verizon STB is never actually fully asleep, and the Marantz senses a signal at times and turns on? Did you try pass thru on that device set to off to see if that impacts things? I think these units are very sensitive to picking up activity from our sources and turning on. I have the volume on mine set to -20 for the auto on volume setting, and even though I always turn it down to zero when I go to bed, I have occasionally the next day seen the 7702 showing -20 on the volume. Wish I had better answers for you.
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Old 03-18-2023, 08:05 PM   #105
ldgibson76 ldgibson76 is offline
Blu-ray Ninja
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Jan 2009
Northern Delaware

Hello my friend.

Thank you for the reply. I think I've discovered what's causing the Marantz to turn on. Without question, it's the Verizon Fios One STB. Last night, I noticed that the Fios STB LED was very bright after I turned the system off. So I purposely pushed the power button to shutdown the device. The LED dimmed, signifying that it's in standby mode.

The question is, does that mean it's completely off and not sending any signal? After reading your post, which confirmed that's there's no doubt, the Fios Box is transmitting a signal albeit, a faint one. Confirming my conclusion, this morning, I walked into my media room, the Marantz was full on!!!

So, tonight, I will change the pass thru device setting from "Fios One" to "OFF". Hopefully, that will solve the issue.

Thank you for your insight. It's much appreciated.

Not that any were needed, have you made any changes or upgrades to your system recently?

I added a Roku Ultra 4K and currently comparing it to the Fios One STB.
I recently removed the outdated 1st gen. Apple TV and replaced it with the Apple TV 4K (2022).

The XBox One has been replaced with the XBox One X 1TB.

I'm debating on replacing my HTPC with the Mac Mini M2.
The M2 chip is quite impressive. It will require a lot of work integrating it.

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