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Old 10-17-2017, 02:45 AM   #81
Aidenag Aidenag is online now
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Jan 2010

Originally Posted by BluRayHiDef View Post
In what way did the 4K discs not look as good?
Bit softer, and the colors looked less intense. Again nothing scientific here just from my experience with it for an evening. And the differences im talkin arent huge or anything. Probably not even very noticable on lower end tv. But it was definitely clear difference on a oled. Other things i noticed was it loaded slower, was much noisier, and then its lack of a real remote bugged me. Just can't really compete with a dedicated player pound for pound.

And yeah, as i mentioned before, the xbox upscaling was absolutely horrific compared to the oppo. Which should be a huge point ,but nobody discusses. I doubt anyones library is even 20% 4k yet(im not event at 10% yet), so by far majority of content one would feed it isnt 4k. It was deciding factor for my friend that when he gets a 4k tv hes going for a standalone player as he is a huge anime collector and all the 1080p stuff just didn't look as good as it did when run a few minutes later on the oppo to compare. Can't stress this point enough, it wasnt a mild difference between the 2, it was HUGE difference.
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Geoff D (10-17-2017)
Old 11-17-2017, 04:24 AM   #82
Monkeker Monkeker is offline
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Jan 2015

So what I understand from all of this is if my main reason for buying an xbox one s is for the 4k blu-ray player, I'm better off just buying a stand alone player.
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Old 11-17-2017, 05:53 AM   #83
The_Donster The_Donster is offline
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Dec 2010
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Yes, buy a stand alone player.
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Old 11-17-2017, 02:52 PM   #84
Wickerman1972 Wickerman1972 is offline
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May 2014

Xbox gets updated frequently so any problems with the blu ray playback, provided it's software related rather than hardware, should get patched eventually. I read on Forbes that Xb1X's blu ray drive got an update that improved it recently and you should expect both of them to continue being updated until playback is as good as the drives will allow.

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Old 11-30-2017, 01:18 PM   #85
phbart phbart is offline
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May 2010

I have the One S, I bought it mainly as player because of the price. The gaming part is a secondary feature for me, although I'm afraid it's getting promoted to a primary feature .

My 4K TV (LG OLED55B7P) is yet to arrive, but so far from what I could evaluate from my old Samsung 46ES6500 is:

-Below average at upscaling DVDs (it doesn't handle edges very well). Not up to par to my good 11 years old Oppo DV-981HD.
-Above average as a Blu-ray player (it passed almost all the important tests from the Spears & Munsil Vol.2 Calibration Disc), up to par, or better in some cases, than my Pioneer BDP-450.

Now, as a 4K player, like said, I'm watching it on a 1080p 5 and 1/2 years old display. Needles to say, no HDR either. BUT, the movies I watched on it STILL looked better than their counterpart Blu-rays. They are: Blade Runner Final Cut, E.T., Planet Earth 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (german import, BT.709 and SDR, but still looked better than the british release by Second Sight, the best of all releases until now) and Bridge on the River Kwai. Westworld Season 1 is the one that looked exactly the same, only to learn latter that it's upscaled 4K. But still I thought the HEVC and it's higher bitrare would benefit, but it didn't.

No hiccups, no judder, no stuttering. Again, once my new TV arrives, I hope I don't have to re-write my opinions.

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Old 11-30-2017, 06:11 PM   #86
bradnoyes bradnoyes is online now
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Dec 2016

I briefly had an Xbox One S and the main problem I had was an issue where the movie and audio would go out of sync for 5-10 seconds before correcting itself. It would happen once or twice every time I watched a movie. I had to send it in for repairs. The repair fixed the issue but it made me uncomfortable about using my game systems as my main movie player, as well.

If you're just looking for a movie player, I would avoid the Slim Bone since there seem to be better options in that price range. But I think it's fine as a system that will occasionally be used for movies.
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