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Old 08-11-2019, 01:22 PM   #1
Magyalmar Magyalmar is offline
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Jun 2013
Default Your favourite and worst collector's editions?

Name only the collector's editions you own or have owned.
Same for your worst editions ever!


My top 10 (no particular order)

- Coraline (US Gift set)

Obviously for the fantastically good-looking packaging. The content inside is a bit light and I had to replace the Anaglyph 3D version with the "real" 3D one but to my knowledge it's still the most beautiful collector's set released for that wonderful movie.

- Le pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf, French DVD Ultimate Edition)

Haven't watched the movie in like 15 years but that edition is still one of my favs. The lenticular case looks fantastic and I love that nice custom digipack in which I replaced the DVD with the French Blu-Ray.

- The Wizard of Oz 3D (French 75th anniversary Prestige Limited edition)

Not only that classic movie does look surprisingly wonderful in 3D, but this edition is also to me one of the most fascinating to reopen from time to time, just to read through the various booklets, stills and facsimiles. If you love this timeless classic, that edition is the ultimate definition of fan service (even if the US edition looks even nicer).

- Perfect Blue (French limited collector's edition)

- I know that the recent Uk version has a more comprehensive storyboard but to me it wasn't worth replacing my French version that is still quite impressive for the price paid (more or less 35). Probably one of the most imposing editions ever released for an animation movie.

- Phantom of the Paradise (French Ultra Collector Boxset)

I was thrilled when Carlotta told they were going to release the best of De Palma's movies in one of their Ultra Collector boxsets, and I instantly fell in love with the Matt Taylor visuals. A book of great quality, tons of extras, and even a nice little bookmark... Great job Carlotta.

- Mamoru Hosoda Animation Works (French edition)

I felt like a thief paying only 60 for that amazing boxset full of nice additions such as artbooks and mangas. There even was a code to receive a free copy of The Boy and The Beast's collector's set. I just regret that they dod'nt include a space inside the original box to place The Boy and The Beast, but both still look nice next to each other.

- Watchmen (US collector's ediition)

Another great lenticular cover on this magnetic case that holds not only the movie of course but also the comic book and the Motion comic on Blu-Ray.

- Jurassic Park trilogy (Limited edition with T-Rex model)

It's made of cheap fragile plastic but still has a nice finish touch and looks great on a shelf. Ah yes the trilogy comes with it but who cares.

- Suicide Squad 3D (Limited edition with Harley Quinn statue)

For obvious reasons.

- Time and Tide (French edition)

Not the most impressive edition of them all, but you feel that this one's been made by people who genuinely love Tsui Hark's flix. I especially like those printed stills, brings me back to the time when we looked at the stills in the cinema's window to decide what movie to choose.


My worst 3

- Back to the Future (Flux Capacitor edition)

Looke like a brilliant packaging idea but in the end it looked cheap af. I kept it for a week before deciding to get rid of that piece of crap to fall back on the book "Back to the Future - The Ultimate Visual History", which is the true collector's edition that the trilogy deserved.

- Close Encounters of the Third Kind (French Metalpak)

Worst metallic case I've seen in my life. The visuals looked absolutely horrible and awfully cheap.

- All those Amaray editions with "Collector's Edition" written on the cover

Please stop doing that.

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Justin101 (08-11-2019), OgamiittoMcJ (08-11-2019)
Old 08-11-2019, 02:17 PM   #2
CouncilSpectre CouncilSpectre is online now
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Apr 2013
United Kingdom


Fullmetal Alchemist - Anime Ltd

It weighs about the same as 5 house bricks!
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OgamiittoMcJ (08-11-2019), rui no onna (09-22-2019), TheLumberjack (09-26-2019)
Old 08-11-2019, 03:23 PM   #3
JoePo JoePo is offline
Active Member
Jun 2018

Probably doesn't count as a Collector's Edition as there is no other version but the Bergman Cinema set is more lovely than anything else I own by such a distance it boggles the mind.
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Old 08-11-2019, 03:31 PM   #4
OgamiittoMcJ OgamiittoMcJ is offline
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Oct 2013
Glasgow, UK

Some of my owned favourites



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Old 08-11-2019, 03:42 PM   #5
Ste7en Ste7en is online now
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Apr 2013
Durham, UK

No idea. Too many and I can't remember

I do have a soft spot for this though (no surprises there):

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Old 08-16-2019, 11:37 AM   #6
DR Herbert West DR Herbert West is online now
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May 2018
Arkham, MA


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Malt Raisins (09-22-2019), Rzzzz (09-22-2019)
Old 08-16-2019, 12:07 PM   #7
halloween5309 halloween5309 is offline
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Jan 2012

child's play 1988
scream factory, very dark picture
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Old 09-22-2019, 04:06 AM   #8
Alister_M Alister_M is offline
Blu-ray Baron
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Feb 2016

This POS is easily the biggest waste of money ever:

The latex is much rougher and thinner than the latex on the US DVD Necronomicon editions of the first two Evil Deads, and it started rotting almost immediately. Not to mention the actual discs are garbage - DNR-smashed "Screwhead" BD and a bootleg-quality DVD of the director's cut.
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TheLumberjack (09-26-2019)
Old 09-22-2019, 04:47 AM   #9
cdmaniac cdmaniac is offline
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Jul 2010

Still one of my favorites after all of these years (not my pic)
Preordered it back when Anchor bay was awesome
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TheLumberjack (09-26-2019)
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redxrebellion redxrebellion is online now
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Nov 2011

Originally Posted by cdmaniac View Post
Still one of my favorites after all of these years (not my pic)
Preordered it back when Anchor bay was awesome
Yep. Still have mine as well.
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