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Old 08-24-2017, 08:53 PM   #1
Rickyrockard Rickyrockard is offline
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Default Article: 3D Shows Enduring Value, Delivering Entertainment Not Found at Home

Founder of RealD writes:
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bavanut (08-24-2017), revgen (08-25-2017)
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fitprod fitprod is online now
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Originally Posted by Rickyrockard View Post
Just trying to save his company by hyping it up again... Read the financials.

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Rickyrockard (08-24-2017)
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mredman mredman is offline
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Originally Posted by Rickyrockard View Post
He is right, 3D Blu-Ray offers Movies in a whole other level than flat 2D. If the movie is made for or in 3D. Then its the 3D anyone should go for. Its the directors intended way to view the movie
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bavanut (08-24-2017), revgen (08-25-2017)
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Suntory_Times Suntory_Times is offline
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He makes some great points regarding the format and has stats to counter the idea that it is going to be going away anytime soon. Two points he makes that are particularly great points are the following (one of which I have said many times, the first I mostly agree with but think there can be exceptions):

So, what needs to be done? For starters, 3D cannot be an afterthought. As productions are carefully crafted from beginning to end, 3D needs to be imagined from the start and be a part of the creative process from capture to delivery. 3D films need to be made properly and with purpose, thoughtfully marketed and always presented with technical excellence in theaters.
We realize that one bad experience in 3D could affect a moviegoer’s preferences for life.
I find it kind of pathetic that some people hate the format so much they are trying to pretend that there isn't a lot of money to be made by continuing 3d currently. People where trying to tell me 4 years ago that 3d was already dead and the studios where moving away from it. Yet that still has not happened.
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LordoftheRings LordoftheRings is offline
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The people who don't like 3D are the same people who love 4K in 2D. 4K when thought out from the start and intelligently executed natively, can look awesome. The Blu-ray association with the movie industry and TV manufacturers in 2017, and the big shots and Hollywood executives are all banking in 2D/4K...with Dolby Atmos exclusivity to add all the support they need. ...And the other tease, Dolby Vision.

Eventually 4K will surpass 3D in the number of Blu-ray releases. And the percentage of very good ones to no difference with the 1080p version is a moving target.

We need time to evolve all together in harmony for the very best cinematic moving experience...sound and vision. The technology is rapidly advancing on many fronts, and the best is yet to come. We win some, we lose some. The top is making the decisions for us. ...Sony, FOX, Disney...and the rest.

One sure thing that it isn't necessary to outline is that with immersive 3-dimensional moving pictures you don't deprive it from immersive 3-dimensional moving sounds (Atmos & dts:X). What were they thinking!?! Lol, it's a big joke the way they bully the 3D lovers.

And this:

What is it with the people from this planet; it's A or B amplification!
It cannot be class AB amplification?

We don't need a Phd in the arts of economics to scientifically assess the periodic movie map.
GotG2 - 4K-UHD/3D/BR/Dig ... Do Not Push!, just good hell simply add Atmos with the 3D Blu-ray for peace sake! How hard is it to make customers happy!!! Jeezzz

Everything else is just fine on the waterfront; the bees are buzzing and the sun shining.

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