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Wild Things 4K (Blu-ray)
18 hrs ago
The Addams Family 4K (Blu-ray)
59 min ago
SeaQuest DSV: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
Wild Things (Blu-ray)
4 hrs ago
The Northman 4K (Blu-ray)
RoboCop: The Series (Blu-ray)
18 hrs ago
Friday the 13th 4K (Blu-ray)
1 day ago
Killing Eve: Season 4 (Blu-ray)
6 hrs ago
George Carlin Commemorative Collection (Blu-ray)
1 day ago
The [REC] Collection (Blu-ray)
Hell High (Blu-ray)
1 day ago
The Last Duel 4K (Blu-ray)
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Old 07-25-2021, 11:42 AM   #1
Ryoohki360 Ryoohki360 is offline
New Member
Jun 2020
Cool Question from a long time collector

I started in VHS, than DVD, than BLU RAY etc... I like movies, but any other people out there have like a buyers fatigue? I mean hard media, i sometime buy version of movies that are 4K DV on Apple at 5$-7$ but that's it..
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Old 08-23-2021, 03:55 PM   #2
lucasatakros lucasatakros is offline
Active Member
lucasatakros's Avatar
Feb 2013
Akron, Ohio

Hi Ryoohki360,

I don't have buyers fatigue...but I have a bad case of disillusionment/disappointment over time as series that I've started purchasing don't have complete releases and 3D Blu-rays, if released at all, are region locked and have to be imported.

Changes on retailing (loss of media at Target, Best Buy, etc.) are sad as well. Streaming and digital sales have taken a big bite out of hard copy sales.

I guess I'm old school- I refuse to purchase digital copies- I feel like a dinosaur at times- and a lot of joy is disappearing from my hobby of film collecting.

I never purchased much on VHS. I have to say I'm amused when visiting second hand stores that have walls of them. I occasionally buy 4K- but I'm happy with the projection quality of Blu-rays on my 165" and 175" diagonal screens. I'll eventually pick up a 4K projector- whenever I have enough funds to upgrade my receiver to 4K and Dolby Atmos as well. I upgraded everything for 3D compatibility and upgrading to 4K projection will be another expensive project.


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Old 10-28-2021, 06:04 PM   #3
ViktorWA ViktorWA is offline
Junior Member
Oct 2021

We found a lot of interesting information, in the near future we will consider these proposals
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Old 12-01-2021, 10:38 PM   #4
Herbie555 Herbie555 is offline
Junior Member
Nov 2021
San Diego, CA

Originally Posted by lucasatakros View Post
I guess I'm old school- I refuse to purchase digital copies- I feel like a dinosaur at times- and a lot of joy is disappearing from my hobby of film collecting.
I'm similarly old-school, but any displeasure I have at the hassle of managing a physical media collection disappears instantly whenever I can introduce a friend to a cool film by handing them a disc. I get double the pleasure when it's not streamable ANYWHERE.
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Thanks given by:
lucasatakros (12-02-2021)
Old 12-10-2021, 09:00 AM   #5
TheBluRayBandito TheBluRayBandito is offline
Blu-ray Samurai
TheBluRayBandito's Avatar
Nov 2017
City of Angels

I've officially called myself a collector when I finally upgraded to blu a decade ago. I have owned plenty of DVD/VHS, but never called myself a collector. But no, no buyer's fatigue.
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Old 12-11-2021, 12:06 PM   #6
The Big Blue The Big Blue is offline
Blu-ray Guru
The Big Blue's Avatar
Feb 2007

Haven't bought much for a while.
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Old 12-13-2021, 08:08 PM   #7
Lemmy Lugosi Lemmy Lugosi is offline
Blu-ray Samurai
Lemmy Lugosi's Avatar
Sep 2010
Deep inside your fever-dream.

I buy only the most absolute "must-haves" these days. Any films that've been driven into the ground (Alien, Predator, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc), I refuse to bother with anymore. I know that I will likely never pop one in the ol' player for a spin, so what's the point? Example: I've been a mega-fan of the first Tremors film for years, and bought the VHS, the DVD, the blu-rays (every release), and this year's blu-ray special edition box set, and then the 4K a few days ago when it was 50% off at AMZ. I have watched each edition. Sorta. I put the 4K in for about twenty minutes before I realized how bored I've become with Tremors. I'm trying to divest myself of some of this stuff, I'm getting old.
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