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LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack PS3 (PS3)
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G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra (PS3)
4 hrs ago
Bulletstorm (PS3)
ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, The (PS3)
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (PS3)
Dance on Broadway (PS3)
Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3)
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3)
DuckTales - Remastered (PS3)
Escape Dead Island (PS3)
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Default Rules: Madden 2011 *Sim* Online Franchise

Special thanks to DonRSD for creating the following:
(Modified by pillBOXhat)

  • We have established a 2 strike policy. Any owner who plays against someone who feels that the person is not living up to any of these rules, has the ability to report this person to the Commissioner for review. Violations of the rules and regulations will result in the suspension of players or the removal (no refund) of the owner from the franchise. The Commissioner will determine the particular player(s) to be suspended and the length of time.
  • Please respect your peers. Offensive gestures & comments are not condoned nor tolerated. Repeat offenders will be excused from the league.
  • Play within the spirit of the game. What this rule basically means is that running the same play over and over 20 times a game is not realistic football. Going for it on 4 and 37 in the first quarter is not realistic football. As far as your play calling, be imaginative. No one is saying you can not do your "money play"...just mix it up with the other 200 plays in your book. Do not abuse "money plays" that take advantage of an AI flaw in the game.
  • 4th Down Rule - You may WISELY go for it on 4th down only in the following situations:

    1. When you are in the 4th quarter and you are losing or you are ahead by no more than 7 points. On offense, you must be at or inside your opponent's 50 yard line.
    2. When you are in the 3rd quarter and down 14 or more points.
    3. When it's 4th down and inches and you are at or inside of your opponent's 40-yard line.
    4. Fake Punt/FG- Can only be done once per game.
  • Position Edibility:
  • Defense:
    1. You can use LB's at any position along the defensive line or any defensive linemen at the LB position
    2. You may use CB's at the SS/FS spot or vice versa. You may also use a SS at LB.
  • Offense:
    1. You may use a HB/TE at the WR only if you place the HB/TE at your #4 WR Depth Chart position or if you use the in-game package substitutions available in all formations.
    2. What you may not do is manually sub a TE/HB in the WR position.
  • Do not manually move the dlineman and/or linebackers around into any different pre-snap positions other than what the in-game line shifts allow. (even if you are controlling that player the whole time). This is to prevent people from stacking multiple defenders over an olineman and coming free on the snap (nano blitzing). Bringing the SS/FS near the line of scrimmage is allowed. However, you may not manually blitz with them. If your opponent comes out in a QB-sneak formation for short yardage, you are allowed to manually move your LBs/SS/FS in better position to stop the play.
  • Do not manually control the Dlinemen dropping into coverage.
  • Discretion should be used with the no huddle offense. Please do not abuse it. There is a time and place for the hurry up. If you choose to use hurry up offense it must be in a 2 minute drill situation.
  • Onside kicks should not be used frequently. They should be only used when the situation dictates.
  • Kickoffs:
    1. Only 1 squib kick per half. This does not include a squib kick that will run out the half or end the game.
    2. You cannot manually move kickoff or punt blockers into "better" position.
    3. You cannot move the kick or punt returner back a few yards to get a speed boost.
  • Running the score up: If you are winning by 35 points please do not continue to pass every down, and try to win by as big of a margin as possible. Please use good sportsmanship and mainly run the ball unless its 3rd down.
  • Intentionally running the playclock is only allowed within the last 3 minutes of either half. Your opponent can easily tell if you are wasting clock on purpose.
  • Dropbacks: QBs are only allowed to drop back 5-10 yards during pass plays (except when under immediate duress by the defense). This rule is in place to prevent the popular tactic of dropping your QB deep to allow your WRs time to break free from defensive coverage. Any owner found abusing this rule will be subject to league discipline and/or dismissal from the league
  • When sending a WR/TE/HB in motion, you must wait for him to come to a complete stop and line up at the line of scrimmage before hiking the ball. Obviously, auto-motion plays are allowed.
  • Pausing Rule: If your opponent pauses, don't immediately resume the game. Give your opponent some time. We all have non-madden responsibilities (wife, kids, parents,.. etc) and/or emergencies that may need our attention. If your opponent is gone for an excessive amount of time, then you are allowed to quit the game and reschedule for some other time. Rescheduled games will resume with the same score as the previous unfinished game. The commissioner must be contacted about this situation. Anyone suspected of intentionally pausing to take advantage of this rule will be banned.

  • Difficulty level: All-Madden
  • Quarter Length: 6 minutes accelerated clock OFF.
  • All games will be non-ranked.

  • All league games are to be scheduled in the proper Scheduling Forum. Posting in the Scheduling Forum will help resolve any scheduling disputes. Read the Scheduling Policy. Players have one week (7 days) to get their games in. Note: the faster all games are played, the faster the Commissioner can advance the week.
  • Owners are not allowed to skip games. If circumstances prevent you from playing your games on time, you must notify both the Commissioner & your opponent(s) as soon as possible. You are making a commitment when you join the league. If you can not be an active member in the league, please do not join.
  • You may submit game summaries on the forum. It is a great way to interact with the rest of the owners in the league and allow us to get some insight on how your games went. Be sure to be a good sport and do not take this as an opportunity to bad mouth your opponent
  • You are required to play the scheduled games for the given week. If you are going to be unable to complete your games in a given week, please contact the Commissioner for a possible extension. If no extension is granted, the game will be simulated.
  • Quitting during the game will lead to expulsion.

  • If you are going to be unable to play your scheduled league games for any extended period of time, be courteous enough to your opponent(s) & the rest of the league. Be sure to contact the Commissioner & your opponent(s) regarding your absence and let us know when you expect to return. If you fail to do so, your game will be simulated while you are away & your opponent will be awarded the victory. Undoubtedly emergencies will occur, and these situations will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Although it does not happen often, it is possible that you or your opponent may be disconnected from the game or the internet entirely before your match is finished. If you are clearly losing at the time of the disconnection, then you should be a good sport & take the loss. To assure your opponent wins, he will be allowed to play the CPU. If the game was close then the following rule can be applied: If one team is winning by 14 when the disconnection occurs, they should have to lose by 15 points or more to get a loss if both owners decide to replay the game. In any case, the Commissioner must be notified.

  • If an owner is found to be purposely taking advantage of the Plug Pulling error during league play, they will be immediately dismissed from the league with no exceptions.

  • We can not cover every aspect of gaming in our rules. We have tried to be as thorough as possible and cover all the basics, however, just because something is not listed does not mean that it is allowed. Use common sense. If it is something that will adversely effect other players and you might think twice about doing it, it is probably against the rules. The Commissioner(s) has the final say in such matters. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact him directly.

  • Trades are only allowed between human owners. CPU trades are not allowed. You are limited to trading a maximum of 3 players per season. It is rare that an NFL team would trade more than 3 players a year. Trading draft choices will only be allowed during the off-season. The commissioner will have final word on all trades.

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To all other Mods. This is not a dup thread, and will be needed in the future. Please don't move to Fantasy Section.



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Opening for maintenance.
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