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Default Proof Vidipath coming to PS3 means updated DLNA and Playready embedded

Sony paper just released at the FCC DSTAC (Downloadable Security Technical Advisory Committee)

Notice in the picture on page 12 that the PS3 is pictured. This confirms Vidipath is coming to the PS3 and I assume the PS4 as it's a more DRM secure hardware design. This means the PS3 DRM core and player are being rewritten to support Vidipath and Playready...updated DLNA to Vidipath DLNA 2 standards. See here: Everything required in the Vidipath Guide should be supported by the PS3 and I suspect HEVC also. The PS4 should get Vidipath, Playready 3.0 and HEVC in addition to being a 4K blu-ray player and media hub.

Summary: Passage is a proposal to the FCC that implements CA (Legacy or Downloadable) and adds a second DRM for use as DTCP-IP and more. I.E. It supports Vidipath or CA with future possibles like selling media that has already been recorded on a DVR. (Sony has a patent for removing commercials by Brant Candelore)

What's stressed by Sony is that it requires little to no change to current hardware and is a more efficient DRM requiring fewer CPU resources.

Sony is definitely supporting Vidipath, page 12 bottom path (Traditional Cable TV with the DLNA CVP2 FCC mandate where a DVR with tuners converts a RF channel to IPTV streams )
And Playstation VUE (center path) which is all IPTV direct from a cable modem . The latter is the future but Cable can't currently support more than a small percentage of their customers going all IPTV. This limits Playstation Vue to certain markets that can support Premium Customers. This will change in the next 3 years.
Top path is RVU which the PS3 already supports.

Comcast signed an agreement for Sony's Passage June 2015 but it was first proposed by Sony Dec 2003.

I've already shown on NeoGAF the following:
Playready coming to the PS3 and PS4
PS4 and XB1 hardware to support being a media hub (includes 4K blu-ray support)
HTML5 browser used as RUI for Vidipath (start at last post and walk backwards)
Connected home starts when Vidipath platforms become ubiquitous

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jeff_rigby jeff_rigby is offline
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Mar 2010
Sarasota, Florida

For the PS3 a PDF on Passage was just released at the latest FCC DSTAC (Downloadable Security Technical Advisory Committee) meeting. Page 12 has a chart showing a PS3 being used as a Vidipath STB.

Second Sony Passage Paper to the FCC DSTAC has a picture of the PS3 labeled PS4 on page 11 using a Hauppauge USB Tuner. Also on that page is a HD Homerun network tuner feeding a home WiFi router to portables. The 2010 Leaked Xbox 720 powerpoint (XB1) has the HD Homerun listed third row down, third column from the left. These two tuners were chosen by the W3C's TV working group as standards and their control schemes will be used as the APIs for the Network and USB tuner control standards supported by W3C extensions to Javascript.

HTML5 (W3C extensions already mentioned as supported by Android L) Tuner support for Cable also means Tuner support for Antenna TV. Sony now has GetTV on OTA (Antenna TV) in I think 130 markets and is starting a IPTV network, it's rolling out in larger markets now.

Sony is starting their own IPTV network and wants as many Playstation game consoles as possible in Living rooms and that includes the PS3. DLNA CVP2 and ATSC 2.0 support gets the game consoles in the living room used as IPTV STBs. I would prefer a PS3 or PS4 in the living room and the Cable TV DVR in the bedroom as my DLNA server doesn't work with the Cable TV DVR although I think that is changing.

The delay in getting PS3 updates is related to Playready. Why else would Sony be implementing Playready in the PS3? Apps can contain their own DRM and Marlin is used in Japan. Only for DLNA CVP2 is Playready a requirement and the platform must be certified as DRM secure by DTLA and DLNA which requires secure embedded and middleware and a HTML5 DLNA CVP2 APP using the embedded and middleware routines.

Edit: Note: Playready is supposed to be ONLY on embedded platforms where the manufacturer supports a root of trust boot and embeds and protects encryption keys, codecs and Player with the player required to support Metadata DRM rules which are also encrypted as part of the Content. Netflix for instance, had a self contained player and DRM scheme and if DRMtoday is correct (No Playready embedded support in the PS3) then any IPTV app for the PS3 that claimed it was using Playready was not using an embedded version but a self contained Playready DRM. This might explain Comcast not allowing a PS3 HBO Go for instance.

Sony is set to implement four business models for IPTV, they do have GetTV in those same markets mentioned for Playstation Vue and it's a OTA Network. All models take advantage of h.265 (HEVC)

1) DLNA CVP2 = Vidipath support for Cable TV channels with Sony offering VOD movies and TV programs in addition to those offered by Cable TV. Temporarily using Cable TV DVRs to convert RF to IPTV in the home and after 2016 using Sony Passage and USB or Network tuners with "Certified" DRM platforms and DSS (DSTAC's recommended Downloadable Security Scheme) which are also Vidipath. This is the transition scheme till consumers have STBs and cable develops it's infrastructure to handle all IPTV traffic (about 2017+). This is also in one of the Sony Passage PDFs.

2) Playstation Vue for the cable cutters in major cities with faster Internet and trunk lines that can carry the traffic.

3) OTA (Antenna TV) Media Hub ATSC 2.0 support for those not on cable and using even a slower Internet service like DSL. NRT or Sideloading movies downloaded at DSL speeds for later viewing. This goes along with Sony's GetTV OTA. All TVs except newer Smart TVs will require a Vidipath STB connected to them with either network tuners or USB tuners which are seen supported for Cable in the Sony Passage PDFs. A Vidipath STB or TV also has support for ATSC 2.0.

OTA (Antenna TV) for those with faster Internet; in addition to the above, Playstation Vue will be offered. Multiple networks are offering unbundled VOD channels for this after 2016 a person on an Antenna can receive on average 35 channels from the antenna with some of them offering (ATSC 2.0) 1080P with S3D in addition to XTV support and their choice of Networks via VOD unbundled and untill recently only available on Cable TV.

4) Satellite whole home DVR DLNA RVU/RUI (Essentially DLNA CVP2 for satellite) with slower DSL or Cable Internet. This is already in place with the PS3 supporting DLNA RVU.

This is the transition scheme till consumers have STBs and cable develops it's infrastructure to handle all IPTV traffic (about 2017+). Everyone will need a STB (game console) or Smart TV by 2017+ even OTA for ATSC 2.0 and it's predicted that there will be 240 million new internet connected VIDEO platforms by that date. This generation should never see a dropoff in sales for the game consoles, it should increase by about 2016.

For Antenna TV the Electronic program guide can be built using the FCC required data that is included in the Video stream but if you want Voice, Gesture and Second screen support then Sony, for instance will have to provide this...for a Fee and the UI will include other services and Search features.

The PS4 and XB1 will have DVR support for Antenna TV and Cable. Multiple Tuners, Network DLNA servers, combo DLNA/DVR servers will be sold beginning in 2016 as every Vidipath CE platform should have Javascript support for Tuners and DLNA support is a given even if there is no Tuner or guide support.

These TV use cases by the W3C are also coming:

1. "Use Case One – Tablet Joins Home Network"
2. "Use Case Two – TV Triggers 2nd Screen"
3. "Use Case Three – Tablet EPG"
4. "Use Case Four – Content Sharing"
5. "Use Case Five – Content Search"
6. "Use Case Six – Tuner Control thru Web Application"
7. "Use Case Seven – Channel Bounded Applications"
8. "Use Case Eight – Download and Go"
9. "Use Case Nine – Watch and Record"
10. "Use Case Ten – Sync Among Browser- and non-Browser Devices"
11. "Use Case Eleven – Parental Control in Content Access"
12. "Use Case Twelve – Multiscreen Advertisement"

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